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Shine with Yellow Earrings

Updated on March 21, 2011

How to Choose Yellow Earrings

Have you ever thought of wearing yellow earrings but were unsure what the best pair for your skin color, face, shape, or hair color were? Well if you have had any of these doubts, I am glad that you have come across this hub page. We will try to answer these questions and many more in the following paragraphs.

Yellow earrings come in many styles and have been in style for many years. Depending on the yellow earrings that you choose they can be both a symbol of your status and also a fashion statement.The nice thing about this color earrings is that they come in a vast variety of gems and styles. No matter the style or even the gem earring you are looking for, you should be able to find something in yellow. Even if it is a large yellow hoop or a small yellow stud.

Types of Yellow Earrings

Yellow stud earrings are the tiniest earrings that you can find. Studs are made to fit within the earlobe. This tiny size makes them perfect for children and young teens. Often times a stud contains a birthstone or gemstone which makes them even more valuable. Plus they are very affordable. The only down fall is that long hair may get in the way of showing the beauty of this of yellow earring.

Yellow dangle earrings are different than studs. There are many styles of dangling earrings and way to many to go over in this hub. I can say however that if you have a long face you may want to avoid these as they will make your face look even longer. On the flip side if you have a round short face this type of yellow earring can help elongate your features.

While current trends may say to stay away from yellow earrings I believe that they still have their place. Just be sure that the outfit you are wearing will match with this color earring. As the yellow color can have the tendency to over power some outfits.

If you like to shop online I suggest shopping at or the world's largest auction site eBay.

yellow earrings
yellow earrings

Where To Where Yellow Earrings

Yellow earrings can be worn to formal and informal affairs alike. For informal affairs like going out shopping or out to eat I suggest yellow dangling or stud earrings. For more formal affairs, you will want something a bit classier like yellow gold earrings or yellow diamond earrings.


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