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Yellow Purse

Updated on March 21, 2011

Guide to Purses

I do not know what it is about purses but everyone knows that every woman needs more than one purse. Having purses in different colors makes it easier to match a purse to an outfit. One color purse that you may have never thought of owning is a yellow purse. You may think that a yellow purse would not match many outfits but I can assure you it can. You just need to know what color shade and style to purchase, This hub is meant to help you decide on and find a the perfect purse whether it is yellow or not.

Most people know that the purse a lady wears with an outfit says a lot about who she is and what type of personality that she has. I would even go as far as calling them the ultimate accessory along with shoes. Speaking of shoes always remember that your purse should match your shoes, especially at formal affairs and events.

More About The Yellow Purse

When choosing a yellow purse there are few things that you must consider. Such as the shade yellow, the material the purse is made from and the style purse. Also keep in mind the outfits that you will be wearing with the purse when making these decisions or if it will be your everyday purse.

When choosing a yellow purse the material that the purse is made from is important. Like most purses they can be made from vinyl, leather, a fabric blend, and even plastic. For an everyday purse I would go with the classic vinyl or cotton material and for more of a dress up purse, nothing beats leather.

There are many styles of yellow purses. They basically come in any style that you can think of including hobo, handbag, and open top. For an every day purse I would choose something larger like an over the shoulder purse or yellow hobo purse and for use with more formal clothing a smaller purse.

When it comes to the shade of yellow, to purchase a purse in, you have many options. You can find neon yellow, banana yellow, or even a light shade of yellow. When deciding upon the shade of yellow to choose think of the outfits you will be wearing with it. Always try to get the best possible matching color to your outfit. And remember a yellow purse will make you stand out from the crowd.

If shopping online you can find a bunch of purses at and on eBay for low prices.

yellow purse
yellow purse

More Yellow Purse Ideas

Yellow purses come in many styles. For people who are a little more fashion savvy a yellow giraffe purse or a yellow leather purses are two exciting options. Yellow giraffe print purses are unique purse that contains the large spots of a giraffe with yellow outlining or handles. Yellow leather purses are normally purses made completely of leather and also completely yellow or different shades.


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