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Yellow Diamond Engagement Rings - Buy Princess, Pear, and Round Canary Stones on Sale at Low Prices

Updated on May 8, 2011

Yellow Diamond Engagement Rings

Are you looking for yellow diamond engagement rings for sale at low prices? Here you will find princess, round, pear and other brilliant cut canary and pure yellow diamonds at exceptional deals on this page. It wasn't long ago, that colored diamonds were frowned upon --- that has all changed as more and more people gravitate towards beautiful fine jewelry made with diamonds of various colors. Demand continues to climb each year for pink, blue, brown and other colored diamonds. Yellow is one of the most popular colored diamond choices demanded for fine jewelry, such as earrings, necklaces, watches --- even for engagement rings. Learn about the beauty of yellow diamond engagement rings and check out some of the best deals found here to save you some cash on your next purchase.

Yellow Diamond Engagement Ring - Solitaire Round Stone

About Yellow Diamond Engagement Rings

Depending upon the carat size, color and cut, yellow diamond engagement rings can be priced below, at similar prices or higher than some types of traditional diamonds. Most people assume that colored diamond gemstones will cost much less than "white" diamonds; however, this is a common misconception. Rare yellow diamonds that feature blue, green and orange tints may actually increase the price above white diamonds. On the other hand, diamonds that feature a chocolate tint within the yellow stone will retail much lower than pure yellow or white diamonds. As a result, the price is generally determined like traditional stones are --- by color, clarity and carat.

Yellow Diamond Chart

The above chart depicts where each type of yellow diamond is classified for coloring.
The above chart depicts where each type of yellow diamond is classified for coloring.

Yellow Diamond Engagement Ring Shades

Yellow diamond engagement rings are graded on a color scale, just as traditional white diamonds are. Yellow diamonds generally fall into color identification letters J through Z. J and letter K are used to describe yellow diamonds that give off a very faint yellow tint, where as L, M and N are used to describe a very light yellow coloring as shown in the graph above. O, P, Q, R and S describe a yellow diamond that is in the medium range of the shade. There is no doubt in any type of lighting of the coloring, where as grades J through N may appear different in various lighting conditions. T through Z letters are used to place yellow diamonds in the pure "yellow" category. A yellow diamond that is classified as T through Z will appear deep and rich in color. L through Z are the shades that are most sought for engagement purposes. You may check out some of the deals on this page to see such examples of letters L through Z. Yellow diamond engagement rings on this page range from canary yellow to pure deep yellow coloring.

Canary Cushion Diamond Ring with Accents

Buy a Pear Shaped Canary Diamond Engagement Rings - on Below on Sale at Discounted Prices

Canary Yellow Diamond Engagement Ring Styles

Like traditional engagement rings, you will find yellow diamond versions in round, princess, pear shaped and other various cuts. Yellow diamond engagement rings are often paired with accent white diamonds to make the main stone stand out --- giving the main diamond an allure of exceptional brilliance. Accent stones can be pave or larger chips surrounding the focal point stone and generally are found surrounding the entire embedded yellow diamond. Some band styles feature duo bands with white diamonds that align one another for extra classiness. Bands can be made from platinum, white or traditional yellow gold; however, white gold is more often sought for pairing a yellow diamond with. White gold, with the aid of the chipped stones ads to the beauty of the overall focal stone --- packaging it nicely into an exceptional engagement ring.

Canary Yellow Diamond Engagement Ring Options

If you are unsure that you or the woman that you are purchasing a canary yellow diamond for will genuinely love the ring for as long as she keeps it, then consider purchasing a traditional diamond engagement ring in white coloring and pair it with a band with yellow diamonds. As seen to the right, you can purchase these bands through at reasonable prices. Some bands come with solid canary yellow stones, where as some come with stones that feature both yellow and white gorgeous diamonds for unique appeal.

Things to Consider When Buying Yellow Diamond Engagement Rings

Yellow diamond engagement rings aren't easy to find in traditional storefronts that are found in cities across the globe. Most store retailers generally stick to traditional white diamond engagement rings for stock, as they are much higher in demand. Therefore, if you want a yellow diamond stone or stones for engagement purposes, then you will find better luck online. Amazon is a great option for this purchase. They offer returns if the purchase is made within thirty days and best of all, the site is a trusted online retailer. Click here to see all of the options that Amazon offers for yellow diamond engagement rings. This page only shows a handful of the beauties that are available on Amazon.


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    • diamond4you profile image


      6 years ago from los angeles,California

      Nice information is given on this hub regarding a yellow diamond rings.

    • deepu3 profile image


      7 years ago from Kochi, India

      great hub, well presented.


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