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You Can't Go Wrong with Neutrogena's Skin iD Money Back Guarantee! Have Acne? Give this Skin Care Line a Try!

Updated on March 15, 2010
Don't be sad! Try Neutrogena Skin iD!
Don't be sad! Try Neutrogena Skin iD!

I've discovered another skin care product that I feel is worth talking about. I am very familiar with Neutrogena and many of the products that they sell (my Mom is a HUGE fan of Neutrogena Soap). However until just recently, I had never heard of Skin iD. My cousin (who is a junior in college) told me that she tried Neutrogena's Skin ID a few months ago and was hooked within a few weeks. I must say that her skin does look clear and healthy. Being the researcher and writer that I am I had to find out more! If you have read any of my other product related HUB Pages, then you know that I enjoy interviewing friends and family members that have actually tried the products that I choose to write about…makes me feel like a real consumer reporter (which in my mind, I am!). By actually talking to people that have used the products I feel that I can offer you not only accurate product information but an honest assessment of how and if they work! Anyway, back to the subject at hand…Neutrogena, Skin iD!

Better Than ProActiv?

Neutrogena Skin ID is a personalized acne solution. It claims to work twice as fast as the very popular, proactiv Skin Care System. In fact, it even has a 100% money back guarantee. Now this money back guarantee applies only to the introductory kits…which in my opinion is reasonable. Even if you use the entire product…if you are not happy…simply send back the empty tubes and you will get a refund (see what I mean…very reasonable!). Oh and before I forget, they also offer free shipping on all introductory kits as well.

Unlike other skin care products, Neutrogena Skin iD is actually customized for your skin type. How? Well, you simply take a five minute Skin iD Evaluation. The evaluation consists of a series of interactive questions (the questions were developed with leading dermatologists). After you have completed the short skin quiz, your answers are then evaluated and you are matched with the Skin iD Products that best fit your current skin care needs. Once you have been evaluated (and of course, pay for the products) you will receive a skin care kit that contains three products. One product is to cleanse your skin, one is to treat and one is to protect. There are over twenty-five regimens available…so I can pretty much guarantee that there will be Neutrogena Skin iD Products available that will fit your needs. Obviously, I can't tell you which products will best suit you…you will have to take the Skin iD Evaluation and find out for yourself! Personally, if you have problem skin and are tired of dealing with acne and breakouts, you have nothing to lose (remember, there is a money back guarantee!).

Clinical Trial a Success!

Now if you need more convincing, I understand. Maybe this bit of information will help you to decide whether or not you want to try Neutrogena Skin iD Skin Care Products. Did you know that clinical trials are NOT required for acne products? Well, they're not! Neutrogena wanted to go beyond the general standard so that they could stand behind their product…100%...and feel good about doing so! They conducted one of the largest clinical studies (ever held within the Neutrogena Company). The study was conducted on 500 participants and ONE HUNDRED PERCENT of the users showed clearer and healthier looking skin when all was said and done. Obviously, I don't personally know any of the individuals that participated in the clinical trial. However, I do know my cousin, and not only does her skin look wonderful, she has already placed her second order.

If you have problem skin that is always breaking out…why not give the Skin iD System a try? After all, you have nothing to lose…and healthy, beautiful, clear skin to gain! Good luck!


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