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Your Fashion Style

Updated on March 5, 2012

How many of us like to look good and try all the new fashions that they have come out with? I noticed that most of the fashions that have come out can get a little crazy. Just the way that the clothes are designed, even the shoes, seems like they like to mix and match the old styles the used to be out with the new styles that are popular among many people.

I can honestly say, I look at all the fasion magazines and there are some items that really look nice and then there are some that are totally not my style. You look at that certain dress or shirt and say "who would wear this". The designers have some good ideas for the most part but honestly, who can wear what alot of the designers make on a daily basis. I can see the celebrities wearing them because they are looked upon as an icon and if people follow them, then there is hope that people will buy their clothes or even use their accessories.

We are always told or maybe not always told that we all have our own way of dressing up, our way of choosing our accessories when it comes to dressing up on a daily basis. For example, I am not always the type to follow the new clothes fashion easily. I have to see how it looks and if it doesn't look good on me then I won't buy them. Not all the new fashion style works for everyone. One cannot help but look at Marie Claire and see that some of their mix and matching of colors are kind of crazy. They may have some good styles but not all colors go together. Even some of the accessories I have seen go way beyond crazy. Looking at some othe shoes, makes one think, can they come up with something crazier. I am all for high heels, I really like to look tall, who doesn't but some of those designs can really make me think of how creative they can be when it comes to designing shoes. However, some of those shoes I would not wear, would you wear some of the new shoes that have come out as crazy as they may look?

Fashion has really gone a long way and as the months and years go by there will be more fashion styles. Most fashion styles may not go with everyone but every person is unique is what they want to wear and what their style may be.


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      summerberrie 6 years ago

      Bill Murray, one of my favorite actors, said in the movie Groundhogs Day, "I have to sleep in my suit before it feels like mine". I feel that way about cloths. I have to spend some time in it before an outfit or piece of clothing actually feels like mine.