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Your Makeup & Clothing Color Palette

Updated on December 1, 2008


What I mean by classic is best compared to the little black dress.The staple for every woans wardrobe right? Well,not necessarily.Growing up I had a well rounded group of friends,all different nationalities,styles and each possesing their own special quality which made them beautiful.Of course we all wanted what the other had whether it be curly hair because ours was straight or perfect pale milky skin when ours was darker,redder or hormone inflicted.Now in this circle one girl's complexion really stands out.Her skin was flawless,I mean perfect.No discoloration,not even a pimple.With dark raven hair,brown eyes,black eyelashes and such milky skin she looked like a porcelain doll!

That is until she put on a black shirt.Suddenly you saw a slight hint of greyish yellow in her cheeks,her brown eyes actually appeared darker almost black and every and any flaw was magnified times ten.Why?

She was a classic Winter girl.Her skin had strong blue undertones.Undertones? Here's a trick I learned.Take your index finger and squeeze it at the tip of your finger.Then,let go.As the blood rushes back look at the pigmentation.Is it more yellow?Or more red? There's 4 types like the 4 seasons.SPRING,SUMMER FALL AND WINTER.

This can mean everything,and save you a ton of money.Just by being a shade or two in the wrong direction on that color wheel your whole appearance can be transformed.Same goes in a positive sense-wearing the right color for your skin tone can transform your whole face.

Some of us are two seasons,others are unmistakably one.



You will be in one of those categories.

Try this trick:

Find a silver piece of fabric and a gold one.Now in a well lit room or better with natural light look in the mirror with no makeup on and hold them up to you.One will undoubtabely look right or wrong.Or maybe you've noticed that silver jewelry suites you much more than gold.Or that every foundation you buy turns orange!

The SUMMER Palette is full of pastels -- from powdered to vivid colors. The emphasis is on Blue -- Skyblue, Ocean Blue-Green, plus Cloud White, and the beautiful Pink, Lavender, Fuchsia, Rose, Mauve, and Watermelon -- all the tones of a summer garden.

The AUTUMN palette has rich, full-bodied warm colors such as Dark Chocolate Brown, Deep Teal, Cinnamon, Rust, and Forest Green. Autumn women look luxuriously beautiful in earth tones of Gold, Burnt Red, Rust, Olive, Sage -- all the colors of autumn leaves.

The WINTER palette is dramatic with black and white, and vivid jewel tones - ruby red, emerald green, royal blue, purple, and hot pink and fuchsia. The Winter woman looks regal and elegant in her sparkling primary colors.

SPRING's palette is fresh, energetic and crisp, with the clear warm colors of springtime - grass green, poppy red, and sailor blue. The Spring woman glows in her beautiful shades of peach, warm pink, salmon, coral, turquoise, and periwinkle blue.

Face Forward



Kevyn Aucoin

I had bought the book Making Faces by Kevyn Aucoin a few years ago and I knew this one would be even better. First off, if his books were just pictures of before and after photos it would be worth it.He is that talented.But add the great tips, visual guides and wonderful stories and it equals hours of reading. I am hoping to start a career in make-up artistry and this book along with his other titles is a great start.Kevyn's philosophy towards beauty and personal creativity is inspiring.Plus, where else can you see Martha Stuart as a drop dead ringer for Veronica Lake.




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    • profile image

      Melissa 3 years ago

      I've been looking for these color charts to pin for a while, so thank you for posting them!!

      However, you might want to proofread your text a bit more...this is important information to get correct.

    • profile image

      Futamarka 5 years ago

      После того, как Вы нашли тушь в Италии, которая Вас полностью устраивает, то необходимо сделать официальное предложение. Таким образом, собственность будет удалена с рынка примерно через две недели.

    • profile image

      Ellen 6 years ago

      FYI it is common knowledge that:

      Cool = Winter and Summer

      Warm = Autumn/Fall and Spring

      But maybe this is where you got confused.

      Clear = Winter and Spring

      Muted = Autumn and Summer

      Black is best for Winters.

    • jamterrell profile image

      jamterrell 6 years ago

      Thanks for sharing this page.

    • profile image

      Shree 7 years ago

      Nice to know these things but still i feel the article is incomplete..

    • profile image

      Rebecca 7 years ago

      I have got to agree withy Michellelee21. When draping someone for a color analysis session, black is THE test color for a winter. If black does not suit the individal, he or she is most likely not a winter. The person you describe may be a vivid summer. Or a deep autumn. On the other hand, you must always replicate the indivudal's contrast. Pure black on a winter with a lot of contrast (dark hair and light skin) does not always work. Try a black and white combination instead. If that does not work, your friend is not a winter.

      If that is your picture above, you look like a SPRING. If you favor warm colors, try clear and delicate colors like peach and aqua, rather than pink (summer) and orange (AUTUMN).

    • profile image

      misha 7 years ago

      Sorry, but I have to agree with michellelee21. There are several glaring errors going on--for one thing Summers & Winters are cool, Springs and Autumns are warm. Also, a Winter may not suit every colour in their palette, but if black makes them look as bad as the poster says, she is very likely not in the right season.

      Colour palettes are very helpful though.

    • profile image

      priscilla 8 years ago

      to michelle for your comment, i disagree. just because someone suits a season better than other seasons does not mean that every color in the palette looks good on you. for example i love autumn tones, but orange and pinks do not look the greatest on me because of my fair skin tone. therefore black may not look good on every winter palette.

    • profile image

      michellelee21 8 years ago

      Hey, well I don't mean to be mean or anything but you have a lot of your info wrong on here. It would be very informative if you could change a few mistakes. First, you talk about your friend with perfect skin and then say she looked bad in black because she is a winter. Winters are the only ones who CAN wear black. It is even listed as one of the winter colors in your own chart there. Also, Summer and Winter are cool tones. Spring and Fall are warm. You have them switched up. Thanks for the other info though. Later


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