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Your favorite fashion color to wear

Updated on June 6, 2012

As fashion keeps on growing, one notices that there are many colors that they match with tops and bottoms. Have you noticed how some colors do not always go together all the time, yet you see so many models just wear the colors like they go together? Well, I think wearing colors is good but sometimes not all colors can go with a person. How many times have you seen someone wear a certain color and you are like, "That color does not go with her"?

I was looking at some articles that were online and I was able to find it very interesting. I did not know that colors had a certain meaning. So that really made me want to write this hub. I hope that when you finish reading this you are able to see what kind of color you find yourself wearing the most and why.

White is a color that they say you only wear in a certain season, however I find that it is good to wear it all year long no matter they say. The reason brides wear white is to show the innocence of the bride, as well as their purity. Now you find that doctors and nurses tend to wear white most of the time and this means sterility.

Black is a combination of every color and it goes with everyone and with whatever you wear. Black helps make people look thinner, now that is something to look forward to when you decide to wear black. When it comes to business, black is worn to show authority and power especially when it comes to the commercial society.

Red is a passionate and romantic color. They say it is a sexy color and it means love. So when it comes to wearing red on Valentine's day, I can see why love is always in the air. But when one is going to carry out a negotiation with someone else, you might want to avoid wearing red, it may mean that you are confrontational.

Pink is a gentle, calming color and it stimulates innocent romance. So if you are planning to go on a date, pink is a good color to wear, pale pink is preferred among many people. This color also draws energy and can relax the person who is wearing the color, it makes them more approachable to people who want to talk to them.

Purple has always been a color considered for royalty because in the old times, kings and queens chose purple to show that they were rich and wealthy. This color can also show that there is a sophistication in life. To some this color can mean power and a feminine and romantic appeal.

Blue is a good color and most people find it easy to wear. This color can mean peace and give a person tranquility, so when you are going to do yoga, blue seems like a good color to wear. To some blue means loyalty.

Green is easy on the eyes and there are studies that show it can improve vision, now how true that is, only one can tell. We wonder why money is green but this is a sign of wealth in a way.

We have the color yellow. This color can be very overpowering and can really bring attention to a person. Who likes to drive a yellow vehicle? That is one car that would really get the attention of people so what about when you wear it on yourself? This color is known to show the people can lose their tempers. Some positive things about this color is that it can help enhance concentration or there are those who say it can help speed up the metabolism of a person.

Orange is a good color. This color commands attention in so many ways. This color can also convey warmth, energy, and change. This color can also be very stimulating.

Brown is a color based on nature. This color signifies reliability and good structure. So if you have a office job, this is a good color to wear.

I didn't think colors had such a significant meaning in fashion and now that I think about it, the colors that I do wear really show who I am. The colors I usually wear is black, pink, purple (even though I am not wealthy, but there are times I wish I was). I also wear a lot of blue and I like the color orange and brown. So those are the main colors that you wound find in my closet. So you can put it together and see what kind of personality that I have.

What is your favorite color to wear? Do you think that it kind of explains your personality? Do you just wear colors to just wear them?


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