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Yves Rocher Micellar Cleansing Water Review

Updated on November 7, 2012

My skin's info: I am very fair, oily in all areas but my forehead, my forehead gets dry and flakey. I have cystic acne on my chin and around my mouth, along with big pores on my nose. My cheeks have early signs of roseacia. I get sunburned on a cloudy day, in the shade waring SPF 60.

I have been looking for a new "cleanser" for after I wash my face with Yves Rocher's Calmille cleansing gel. I don't always want to use the Yves Rocher Sensitive Skin toner. I also find that due to showering at night and washing my face then I need a pick me up for my skin in the am and this cleansing water fits the bill for all those needs.

My Review: I have been using this Micellar Cleansing Water for 6 weeks now. I have noticed that my skin has become more clear and less oily throughout the day. In the morning all oil made during the night is removed and a fresh canvas is left for me to apply my makeup. I do not wear foundation but I do wear eye makeup and blush. After applying the Cleansing Water I wait about ten minutes and proceed to apply my makeup. It goes on smoothly and has good staying power. My skin feels clean and fresh. I highly recommend this Cleansing water. I will continue to repurchase this until Yves Rocher discontinues it.

This cleansing water removes all makeup and can be used as a gentle makeup remover that does not leave a film on your skin that you have to wash off like normal makeup removers.


- 100% cleansed skin in a single step
- visibly younger-looking, revitalized skin

Key botanicals: green tea extract, white tea extract, Madagascar tea extract, organic chamomile water, musk rose oil.

For your: Face, eyes & lips

Tested under dermatological and ophthalmological supervision.

6.7 fl. oz. Bottle / 200 ml

Yves Rocher:

Yves Rocher is a company that believes in natural products. Since changing all my skincare over to Yves Rocher, my skin has dramatically changed and my wallet isn't being hit as hard as it used to be. The products smell nice and are calming on the skin.


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