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Zebra Print Hoodie

Updated on October 2, 2010

Finding a Zebra Print Hoodie

Having trouble finding a zebra print hoodie that is stylish and that doesn't break your budget? Finding a zebra print hoodie in your size can be difficult if you've only been checking out your local retail stores, because it is not an item that they often carry. If you are lucky enough to find any zebra print hoodie, it is most often not available in your size.

This is when online shopping can be wonderful. Not only do you not have to leave your home, but there is also the largest selection of styles and sizes online.

Whether you're young or old, thick or thin, you are sure to find a cute zebra print hoodie that you absolutely love online at sites like and also eBay.

Styles of Zebra Print Hoodies.

Now that you know there is definitely a zebra hoodie out there for you, you can start thinking about what type of zebra print hoodie you want.

Typically, the zebra print hoodie is just like a hooded, zip-up sweatshirt. It zips up like any other hoodie sweatshirt. While these are most often meant to be worn loosely as a cover-up, there are some available in shorter lengths that hit around the waist, not the hip that can be a little more edgy.

Not always used as a cover-up, short-sleeved zebra print hoodies can be a great idea for the summer. Pair it with your favorite shorts, capris or a skirt, and you have a cute option for the summer.

There are also zebra print hoodies that are meant to be worn as a shirt, not a zip-up. These do not often have a zipper and are not made form the sweatshirt material. They are simply constructed of a normal shirt fabric, then made with a hood like any other hooded shirt.

A zebra print hoodie can be a great way to keep warm while making sure you stay in style. While you won't be wearing it to an elegant dinner, it can be the perfect accessory to any casual outfit or casual situation. It can also be a way to add some style to your outdoor workout when it's cold.

Zebra Print Hoodie

Zebra print hoodie
Zebra print hoodie


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