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Zebra Print Luggage Sets for Women - Funky Luggage Sets to Make You a Trendsetter!

Updated on April 2, 2011

No Zebras Were Harmed In The Making of This Luggage!

If you travel a lot, owning the latest trendy luggage is probably important to you. Zebra print luggage helps accomplish this! People who frequently travel appreciate the fact that using bright, vibrant luggage helps you spend a lot less time in airports, waiting for your precious cargo to mosey around the ever-slow baggage claim belt. Check out some of these really funky, totally awesome designer zebra luggage sets! 

When shopping for luggage, picking out fun prints is a fun way to announce your style to the world (ok, the entire airport).

Whether you’re a fan of classic black and white zebra stripes or you're looking for some vibrant, bold colored zebra print patterns, there are a lot of great zebra luggage sets available to add style to your travel ensemble.

Benefits of Using Zebra Print Luggage

  • Quickly spot (or stripe?) your luggage at baggage claims. By choosing a unique luggage pattern, you'll lower the risks of fellow travelers stealing your luggage, whether it be by accident or intentional. Most thiefs aren't going to want to carry a zebra print luggage bag around - it's hard to claim that they thought it was their own!
  • Easily retrieve your luggage from your hotel's complimentary storage for early/late check-out. (The bellhop will almost always be able to recall which luggage bag is yours!)
  • Use funky luggage to accessorize your travel ensemble. This will help you stand out in the crowd and make it easier for friends and family waiting to pick you up at the airport! 
  • Using zebra print or other funky luggage sets definitely will add some fun whenever you travel and have to brave the crazy airport crowd.

Which Style of Zebra Luggage Do You Prefer?

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Hard Zebra Print Luggage

Hard luggage sets are becoming a very popular travel item. Made of polycarbonate, they are lightweight, yet add massive protection to your valuables because of their strong, outer shell.

They are also easier to clean and wash up after your luggage gets out of a filthy cargo hold.

Zebra Print Luggage Tags – An affordable, funky luggage fix!

If you can’t afford a new zebra print luggage set and want to add some fun to your current luggage, a great alternative is to purchase a funky, lebra print luggage tag! A black & white luggage tag would be the perfect accompaniment to a basic black luggage set and is a little less bold then full fledged striped luggage!

Whether you opt to buy a brand new zebra print luggage set or spice up your current luggage with a zebra stripe luggage tag, you'll definitely add some fun style and personality to your travel ensemble.

Looking for other awesome luggage ideas?

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Hope you enjoyed this article on Zebra Luggage Sets!

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    • Candie V profile image

      Candie V 8 years ago from Whereever there's wolves!! And Bikers!! Cummon Flash, We need an adventure!

      My girlfriends 5yr old has zebra rain boots edged in pink..and a matching coat..she would love the pink edged ones, I like the red, but looks like blood with the gimme the pink too!!