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Zebra Print Swimwear

Updated on March 12, 2011

Zebra Print Swimwear for Everyone

Zebra print swimwear is not just simply black and white stripes on a bathing suit. Zebra print swimsuits can come in a variety of colors, styles, prints, and cuts. Finding zebra print bathing suits in stores that you really love can be tough, so whether you're looking for a slinky string bikini, a cute one piece zebra print swimsuit, a sportier zebra print tankini that you can stay active in all day or any other type of zebra print swimwear, then your best bet for selection and availability of styles and colors in online.

Zebra print swimwear is not just for women. There are also zebra print bathing suits for girls, juniors, and men. It will look good on any one, any figure and it's fun. The only problem you may face is deciding which color and style is right for you.You can read below about finding the right swimsuit for your body. If you are unsure what shape you are, then there is also a section about deciding your body shape.

Shopping for a new swimsuit can be the last thing in the world you want to do, so to avoid any depressing dressing room encounters under horrible fluorescent lighting that shows every possible imperfection in detail, try shopping online for zebra print bikinis, zebra print one piece swimsuits, zebra print swimming trunks, and every other zebra print swimsuit style you can think of.

I like visiting Amazon and eBay first and foremost for swimsuit shopping, because they usually have an excellent range of products for more than reasonable pricing. The usually have a variety of bathing suit styles in a variety of different labels from designers to brand names. See what's available right now at or eBay .

What Body Shape Are You?

When it comes to finding the right zebra print swimwear for a woman, it all depends on your body shape and what type of bathing suit will flatter you most and make you feel confident each and every time you step into it.

The first thing you have to be realistic about is the shape of your body. Here they are.

  • Pear-shaped. You are smaller in the bust with noticeably larger hips.
  • Apple-shaped. You are noticeably larger busted with smaller hips.
  • Hourglass shaped. You are evenly curvy in the bust and hips. Your waist dips in noticeably, creating a natural hourglass shape.
  • Straight, boy-shaped. You are naturally slender and are very straight from the bust down.
  • Athletic. Your physique is muscular.

You will also need to take your height into consideration to flatter your shape best. Just remember that two-piece zebra print swimwear does not just mean a revealing bikini, you can also buy a tankini for any shape if you are uncomfortable with your stomach.

Finding the Right Style Zebra Print Swimwear for You

Now that you've discerned what shape body you have, you can start considering the types of bathing suits that will flatter you most. Just remember that it is still most important to buy a zebra swimsuit you love and feel comfortable in, rather than what is deemed correct for your body type. Also, sometimes it's the bathing suit you least expected to love that will become your favorite. For sexy options, stick with monokinis or bikinis, for more practical and athletic wear, opt for better supporting bikinis, one piece swimsuits or tankinis.

  • Pear-shaped. Finding zebra print swimwear that draws attention to your chest and away from your hips is your goal. Go for printed bikini tops with ruffles or intricately designed straps, along with plainer bottoms. If you feel more comfortable in a skirt bottom or shorts, make sure not to go too long - this can make your legs look heavier. Sometimes short bottoms are your worst enemy. Extra padding in the top of your one-piece or two-piece zebra print swimwear will make your bust look larger, thus creating more curves to even you out. If you want a one-piece, look for something with an intricate neckline or design near the chest area. Ruffles can do wonders. You can also try a zebra print tankini with a plain black bottom
  • Apple-shaped. Look for one-piece zebra print swimwear in a subtle design. If you go too large a pattern, you will make your upper body look even bigger. For zebra print bikinis, opt for halter style tops or wider-strapped bikini tops with extra built-in support. You don't want to bounce around too much at the beach. For your zebra print bikinis bottoms, opt for any style, because you most likely have the legs to pull it off - even boy shorts. Monokinis can work good for you depending on your abdominals. If you don't have the body for a zebra print bikini, then you will most likely not have the body for a zebra print monokini swimsuit.
  • Hourglass shape. You are even on top and bottom, so the styles of zebra print swimwear you can wear are more vast. You can always accentuate your shape with a halter style top or wider strapped athletic fit. You will not likely need padding. For your bikini bottom, try anything you want as long as your legs look good - even boy short designs. Just make sure the boy shorts don't make you look pear-shaped. If you're looking for a one piece swimsuit, empire waistlines are good for you or one-pieces with the sides cut out. You can also look fantastic in a zebra print monokini swimsuit.
  • Straight-shaped. Look for a sportier zebra print bathing suit or hefty bandeau style zebra print bikini top. These will flatter you most. Although you may feel like you have been dealt a short-hand, be proud. You are one of the few that can pull of wearing the boy-short designed bikini bottom without looking like a pear.
  • Athletic. You should stick with the same styles as straight-shaped women. You've worked hard to achieve your body, so show it off in a great zebra print bikini.

Whatever figure you have, make sure to explore all of your options in the wonderful world of zebra print swimwear. There are literally hundreds of products to choose from in hundreds of different designs and color combinations. To wrap it all's summertime, so have fun with it - that is what summer is all about.

Girl Zebra Print Swimsuits

For younger girls, it's as easy as pie. Just find zebra print swimwear that she'll love and go for it.

For teenage girls, make sure it's age appropriate though and not too skimpy. Just because you have it, doesn't mean you should flaunt it - they'll more time later on in life to do that if you feel you must.

There are a terrific variety of absolutely adorable zebra print one piece swimsuits and cute zebra print tankinis, as well as some very colorful zebra print bikinis. If you do decide to purchase a zebra print bikini for your little girl, make sure the top is substantial and will not fall off during any playtime in the pool. If you're worried, try one of the shorter tankini style zebra print swimsuits out there for little girls.

No matter what you or she has her heart set on on, there are a ton of options online for girls zebra print bathing suits. Whether she wants a rainbow zebra print bathing suit or a hello kitty swimsuit, you can surely find what you're looking for online.

Height Considerations

There are a few other things to consider like height. If you're extremely tall or extremely petite, here are a few more guidelines to make the most of what you have.

  • Petite women. Your goal is to make yourself appear taller than you are or at least not as noticeably short. You want to lengthen the torso and legs by wearing zebra print swimwear with a v-neck or plunging neckline that is higher cut on the bottom to lengthen your legs. Do not wear boyshorts or skirts, because these cut off your legs at the thigh, thus making you appear shorter. If you want a bikini, opt for lots of design on the top to draw attention away from your height. This means finding pink or another color accents with the zebra print design.
  • Tall women. You will be able to accentuate the length of your legs with string bikinis that are solid or tie at the hips. Also, boyshorts bottoms are a great idea if you're not pear-shaped. A zebra print bathing suit is a perfect pattern for you, because often a pattern as intricate as the zebra print can detract from your height.

The most important thing about finding a bathing suit, is finding one you know you'll be comfortable and confident in. These tips can help you know where to start. No matter what weight you are, you will always fall into one of the above categories. Good luck this summer.

Zebra Print Swimwear

Zebra print swimwear
Zebra print swimwear


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