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Khloe Kardashian and the Zebra Print Dress

Updated on October 13, 2010

Khloe Kardashian is one of those celebrities who often gets hell merely for the temerity of existing. In spite of being cast as the quick to marry voice of moderation on Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Khloe is actually far, far more than a mere reality tv star.
She's the co-owner of a chain of fashion stores called Dash, where they sell real clothing to real humans, and that gives her not only some legitimacy as a fashionista, if such a word doesn't make you want to claw your carefully manicured eyes out, but it gives her some leeway as well when it comes to outlandish fashion.

Khloe's zebra striped dress, which cantered out at a season finale party for 'The Spin Crowd', received a  great deal of attention of the negative kind who made incessant references to Khloe looking like an actual zebra. Indeed, if she'd come out simply wearing the carcass of a zebra she might have received less attention.

A few factors make this dress not the wild choice it was made out to be however. For one, animal prints are incredibly on trend right now. Leopard print is everywhere, but as Khloe rightly chose, its not the sort of thing one wears an entire dress out of if one wants to be taken seriously as a member of the human race. Indeed, for all the talk about leopard print, (and there has been plenty of it even from sister Kim Kardashian,) there have been precious few sightings of anyone wearing an entire dress of the stuff. When it comes to dresses, Zebra print is far less likely to make one look as if one wishes to return to the Savannah and the great circle of life because black and white, which obviously make up leopard print are two staple shades of classic fashion.

The other reason we should all leave Khloe alone, or indeed, praise her is the fact that she made that dress look good. Horizontal stripes are a difficult proposition even for a lanky celebrity, but Khloe has curves, and not only did the dress hug them in all the right places, it made them look smooth and lovely.

If one is to give Khloe attitude for anything, it should be for the duck face that made her look as if she'd spent the past six hours injecting collagen into her face with a jackhammer. But Khloe wouldn't do that, would she? No, because she's your average mega rich girl next door married to a sports star which makes her more down to earth than dirt.


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