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A Fascinator for a Wedding

Updated on September 7, 2014

What a happy day that was in February 2011, when My daughter was married. I had chosen a beige fascinator very similar to the one pictured here (see below for the photo of me and mine.). I was the only one wearing a hat for the occasion. I have always loved hats. I was brought up in a little country hamlet in Devon, England and always wore a hat to chapel services from the earliest days.

My daughter and I spent a happy afternoon choosing a fascinator for me in Exeter. My outfit was green so the fascinator needed to be a neutral colour and I chose beige. It had a transparent part that came down over the right eye and had thin tall feathers standing up by about 6". I was delighted with the purchase. I could not wear it in the car on the way to the ceremony as the feathers bent against the car roof. I kept it on the front seat and put it on when leaving the car.

I was proud to wear it as mother of the bride. It did not phase me that I was the only one with a hat.. These fascinators are so light and delicate and lift your outfit where a full hat might, perhaps be a little heavy. You can see me below wearing mine.

The only problem I have with my fascinator is, what to do with it now. It's sits in my wardrobe waiting for me to find another day to give it an outing. I would dearly like to wear it again. It was light and comfortable on the head, kept in place with an Alice band. I wanted to wear it when I became an accredited Local Preacher, but it seemed a bit frivolous so I missed that opportunity.

You will find plently of choice on Amazon and I hope you have fun wearing yours at whatever occasion you choose.

Photo Gallery

Proudly wearing my fascinator
Proudly wearing my fascinator

Some more fascinators to choose from.

Why not make one?

Why not make one?

Do you like hats? Would you wear a fascinator?

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