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A Fun Bracelet Craft for Elementary School Girls

Updated on February 13, 2015

Bracelet Making

This craft is fun for most kids kindergarten and up. The small parts are that of rubber bands.

This craft will take some time at first. But, if you child likes loom crafts this should be very fun for them.

You can make lots of bracelets with this loom. They can go up your child's arm they take the time to make tons of them.

This craft makes tiny rubber bands fun!

Image: amazon

my picture
my picture

I Love Bracelets

As a kid, I had hundreds of bracelets kept in a my bracelet bag. I loved bracelets. I know, I would have made these if I had a loom like this one.

I had some small rubber bands but I used them on my braces. If I only knew... oh, but there is no going back in time.

I would have made hundreds of this bracelets.

Also, I suggest you make some for your ankles, too. Not too tight.

image: DChance

Rainbow Loom

This is a fun game for an only child. However, you can also make your younger child a bracelet. This craft will be easier to make after the first few bracelets.

If you child is fine with sharing they can let their friends try this product out, too.

You might need to buy more then one if your other children want one, too.

Please fallow instructions carefully or you can just watch the youtube videos.

Rainbow Loom Crafting Kit includes Loom, Metal Hook, Mini Rainbow Loom, 600 Rubber Bands + 24 Clips
Rainbow Loom Crafting Kit includes Loom, Metal Hook, Mini Rainbow Loom, 600 Rubber Bands + 24 Clips

This product is so much fun.

I loved to make bracelets as a kid.

Not very detailed instruction booklet included. Youtube will help a lot!

I don't know how well a kid will understand the book. I give it about 3 of 5 stars. I love instructions. They are very important.

This and the Youtube videos are the only how-to guide you will need.


Where to find more instructions

This is one of those products that a child can become addicted. So, if this happens go to YouTube to help you out. There are many videos showing anyone how to make bracelets with this product.

I know the instructions are limited. That might be a minus but the product is great.

You may have to buy more c clips to make more bracelets. So, have some ready. Refills can be bought.

Don't expect this product to last forever. If you child loves the loom buy more rubber bands. They don't cost very much.

my image
my image

Long Car Rides

You can use this product while on a long car ride. The small parts should be used put in a bag that will not spill out.

There are many rubber bands that might get all over your back seat. But, on long car rides your kids can find the rubber bands.

I am sure there are already many things in the back of your car that you will need to clean up. However, if you car is clean your child will be able to find the rubber bands much more easily.

The parts are small. Don't let small children swallow the rubber bands. I have never swallowed a rubber band but that does not seem to be something that can be digested. Also, don't let them eat other plastic parts.

image: DChance

Bracelet Wear

How many bracelets did you wear as a child?

See results


I use to compare my bracelets with the ones of other girls. If they had something new, I would ask my parents for it.

Most of the time, my parents told me no because I had too many bracelets.

Your children can make ones similar to other children's bracelets instead of having to buy them.

I really do love the idea of making bracelets buy loom. It seems easy and fun.


If you are like me you had long lines of charms. They rattled so much that my parents took my chain charms away.

I guess, there is a such thing as too many charms.

What You Wear

If you need something that stands out ... pick some colors that will pop. White clothing can have any color next to it. This will be fun for a kids party. With other colors, make the child stand out. This is a party after all.

If you want to not stand out. Make the colors close to the color spectrum as the clothing.

What is your bracelet story?

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