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A scented candle White Camellia of Durance

Updated on February 23, 2016

Hello, my dear ones!)) As usually I hurry up to share my impression about one more fragrant masterpiece with you. Here is a scented candle White Camellia of Durance! This candle became a real surprise for me, because I got it quite accidentally and unexpectedly. First of all, I should admit that now I have a little bit rough time. The reason of it is my problems with study. Knowing that I am fond of scented candles, my group mate decided to support me and presented me with this lovely miracle.

A scented candle White Camellia of Durance
A scented candle White Camellia of Durance

That is why I want to share my delight with you and tell you all about advantages of this product!)) Let’s start with a fragrance of a candle. Personally I associate it with something extremely light, pure, and shining. It reminds of wedding atmosphere, so light and tender it is. That’s why the fragrance of the scented candle White Camellia conquered my heart! Such light floral veil is both light and feminine. I’ve also noticed that it possesses a relaxing and soothing effect which helps me to regain a harmonious state of mind and concentrate on something pleasant and positive. From my first hand experience, I can say that scented candles help to relax before an important task or a challenging day at work or university.

A candle’s design is also quite lovely and stylish. It is light, romantic and evokes associations with Provence. And it is not without a reason! Durance is strongly connected with Provence and literally draws inspiration from this legendary region. Wonderful atmosphere of that land is almost visible and you can make sure in it on your own experience.)

A scented candle White Camellia of Durance
A scented candle White Camellia of Durance

Earlier, I hadn’t even noticed scented candles of Durance and never bought them, but now I am definitely in love with them. They will certainly take a special place in my heart and my fragrant collection. Later I want to buy scented candles with fragrances of biscuits and vanilla.

That is an easy and pleasant way to become a little bit happier and forget about everyday routine.)) All of us have such bad days and there are a lot of different ways to survive them. How do you usually deal with bad mood and stresses? What fragrances do you prefer? I would be happy to find out your preferences!)


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