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Acne and Oil Control Without Breaking Your Wallet

Updated on August 12, 2014

Learn How to Use All Natural Products for Oil Control and Acne without Breaking Your Wallet

At one point, my household budget was becoming very thin so I had to research to find inexpensive replacements to all of my nice expensive beauty products bought from Ulta, Dillards or Sephora. I discovered (better late than ever) a whole new side to all natural, organic ingredients.

I thought to myself, experimenting with this stuff? There shouldn't be any harm, its natural? I continued thinking, if this doesn't work, oh well. But my determination, desperation, tenacity (or maybe all of the above) wanted for this "all natural ingredient" stuff to work. And let me tell has worked.

Can You Truly Find Everything on YouTube?

I love YouTube. I am a total YouTube junky, especially when it comes to make-up and skin care. Any reviews from both subjects I'm watching and making mental notes. But I notice that the majority of these videos cater to normal to combination skin. Unfortunately there are not many videos for the best make-up or natural acne treatment of an oily face. If there is, there isn't any in depth explanation of how or why the products are good. Only that "this is good for oily skin", coming from someone that most likely will not have an oily face.

Everyone is all about moisturizing, which is great and is necessary for some. But for someone like me, I can't be piling on moisturizers, serums, silicon primers or any other slippery under make-up preparation just so that my foundation or eye shadow could slide or crease within an hour or less. I would always be embarrassed having a shiny face, eye shadow creasing - on top of breaking out as if I was still a teenager.

Consistency Is Important - Face Wash

As with anything that is being used for the hair/skin or a diet/exercise plan, one has to be consistent to build a routine. Consistency is important and I will admit I am the worst at being consistent, so I made a schedule for myself and stuck with it.

I do this every day. To loosen my make-up I use (ironically) oil. I use Jaloma Sweet Oil 3. This product contains; Castor, Olive and Almond oils.

o Castor leaves skin hydrated

o Olive has anti-inflammatory properties

o Almond is rich in vitamin E

Difficulty: easy


1. I warm up my skin first by wetting my hands in warm to hot water (be careful not to, too hot) and placing my hands on my face to open up my pores.

2. Then I pour a quarter size amount of oil in the palm of my hand and rub all over, including my eye lashes.

3. I leave it for about 5 minutes or do something else (like pick out what I'm going to wear) while my skin soaks up the goodness.

But wait, you're using oil on an oily face? Yes, oddly enough. It's called the Oil-Cleansing Method. All natural oils soak into your skin without leaving a heavy feeling. Also, water doesn't dissolve dirt, oil or make-up build-up that easily. So you have to wonder why you would want to use cleansers with tough "make-up removing and/or acne medicine" chemicals when these natural oils can lift and remove the dirt and at the same time leaving awesome hydrating nutrients. As we get older, we have to consider our delicate skin around the eyes too.


To wash the oil off my face, I use Alaffia Everyday Coconut Cleansing Face Wash.  This product for me is a "where have you been my whole life", kind of product.  This face wash has coconut water, coconut oil, neem and papaya extracts and lavender essential oil.  I love how it makes my skin feel refreshed.


Immediately after, I spray a light airy Alaffia Everyday Coconut Water Face Toner directly on my face and let air dry.

Facial Mask

I do this once a week. I use a wide range of ingredients for a facial mask. You can mix all these ingredients or mix 2 or 3 your choice. All the ingredients mix well together.

o Honey - an antiseptic and antibacterial

o Ground cinnamon - an anti-oxidant and has anti-microbial properties

o Turmeric powder - used on skin for softening and has anti-inflammatory properties and helps even out complexion

- Caution with this powder because it will stain your clothes and wash cloths

- I use an old t-shirt and old wash cloths to dry

o Apple cider vinegar - a good astringent

- I use this to mix the ingredients instead of water.)

o Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay (calcium bentonite clay) - removes dirt and impurities

- You'll fell tightness as the clay dries

- Do not leave this for too long for it can cause redness and irritation

- If you have sensitive skin, keep mixing with water to thin out the clay

- I wouldn't recommend applying as a thick paste

You can use any utensils or bowls to mix these ingredients. I use an old plastic bowl and old plastic teaspoons that I know for sure will not be missed in the kitchen.

Difficulty: easy


1. Mix

1 tablespoon - honey

Less than 1 teaspoon - cinnamon (you don't want it to sting)

Less than 1 teaspoon - turmeric powder

1 teaspoon - healing clay

4 tablespoon - apple cider vinegar (for thinner consistency add more apple cider vinegar)

2. 1. You can add more or less of which ever ingredient you like.

2. Be careful with the honey because it will have a tendency to run down your face.

3. Recommended time is between 10-15 minutes.

4. But as mentioned, if you have sensitive skin you may want to check your face between 5-10 minutes for redness or irritation.

In my experience the irritation I had was that the redness took about an hour to go away and I had a prickly, pins-and-needles feeling.

Face Primer before Make-Up

For my delicate under-eye skin I use rose hip oil. I use Aubrey Organics rose hip seed oil. This miracle oil absorbs quickly and is non-greasy.

For oil control, this is one trick that has taken women aback. This is another one of those tricks where I've wondered where it's been my whole life. I use Milk of Magnesia for my face as a primer; I buy one small bottle dedicated only for this use. When applying the milky liquid it dries into a powdery finish. Please use very little and a little goes a long way. It goes on invisible then dries to translucent white. Applying too much makes your face look too white and unnatural; also if it cakes on it will leave streaks. This product can be used on any skin color but I suggest practicing on spreading a thin, thin layer first.

1. Use a cotton pad to spread the product

2. Or, you can use your finger to spread over areas necessary (i.e. the "T" zone)

This unlikely product has helped my make-up stay put! It lasts for hours. Whether using a powder, creme or liquid foundation, the chalkiness gets covered. Nobody will know that you have Milk of Magnesia on your face. Washing your face is key because not washing or removing may cause build-up. In my experience, it doesn't feel heavy nor does it feel sticky or tacky.

This product comes in flavors. You will want to use original flavor.

Optional: Waxing

As a bonus, what has also help contribute to oil control is waxing my face. Aside from the norm waxing the eyebrows and upper lip I also have facial hair on the sides of my face and neck that needs eliminated. It hurts a lot, but the benefits of having your make-up spreading evenly and looking flawless has been a priority. If you plan on trying the waxing method make sure you find someone that has waxing experience and knows and understands the different waxes available (facial wax is very different from the leg wax and/or the Brazilian waxes).

Final note: There is also the adage "you are what you eat", I do want to add that I do watch what I eat and stay away from heavy, greasy foods. I have a digestive issue that doesn't allow me to eat too big or all day, I also take plenty of fiber and drink lots and lots of water. So I'm not sure if this belief is a factor to oily skin.

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