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Adult woman's acne prone and oily skin – the biggest secret is Ortho Tri Cyclen, best birth control pills

Updated on October 26, 2013

When acne progresses to adult acne, it gets extremely annoying because you feel like it will never go away. However, skin needs maintenance for it to look beautiful. You have to understand the needs of mature skin and do the best to take care of it. Adult woman's acne is a serious problem because some experts say that it affects over half of all women. However, it is a problem that you can solve. This hub is all about adult woman's acne.

Hormonal acne and birth control pills – one of the most common types of adult woman's acne is hormonal acne that tends to flare up just before the start of your period. For some, there are only a few minor pimples that will go away very quickly. For others, they experience painful inflamed acne that takes a few weeks or even longer to heal. The worse part about hormonal acne is that it tends to be on the cheeks and along the jawline. Bad acne will easily leave scars at those locations. Birth control pill is one of the most effective treatments for hormonal acne. Ask your doctor to prescribe a specific brand that is known to help with hormonal acne. Ortho Tri Cyclen did wonders to my skin and completely healed my acne.

ortho tri cyclen - a type of birth control known to help acne.
ortho tri cyclen - a type of birth control known to help acne.

Use prescription external medicine – A dermatologist has lots of different external acne medicine that will help you get rid of existing acne. Those medicine will work together with your birth control pills to give your glowing skin back. The key is to seek professional help early to minimize more damage to the skin.

Use a face wash designed for adult women – There are lots of different face washes on the market today that are designed for acne or acne prone skin. But what types of face wash is good for acne prone adult woman's skin? The face wash should be gentle, cleans well, gets rid of oil / dirt yet don't strip the skin of oil. Many drug store brand acne face washes are designed for a teenager's extremely oily skin. Those are not suitable for most mature women.

Lightly moisturize your skin is the key to decrease excessive oil production. Most adult women that suffer from acne do not want to use a moisturizer. However, a very light moisturizer that is designed for oily skin can actually help. Most adult women that suffer from acne tend to have oily skin. A moisturizer can balance the skin and make it produce less oil.


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    • ausis profile image

      ausis 5 years ago from Australia

       I thought i was onto something good that was going to help with my acne... Man that sucks my doctor won't give them to me cause I'm a guy hmmmm maybe Gould consider a s3x change NAH only joking Anyway thanks for sharing the good advice

    • arusho profile image

      arusho 5 years ago from University Place, Wa.

      I took Accutane in my 20's and it got rid of my acne. But now I do have some acne from the birth control I use. It's not too bad, but I will have to try the things you mentioned. Great hub!