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Advice For A Flawless And A Beautiful Look

Updated on November 2, 2012

So these are a few points to remember for a complete and flawless look.

Beauty is certainly god-gifted, but maintaining it is a full time job for the ladies. Even if you are not naturally lucky, there are a million ways to create an illusion of a beauty outlook for the people to see. It is a mastery of the makeup, which can create this beautiful effect.

The tips below are usually ignored by the people as they do not pay much heed to them, but they do enhance your features to a great extent. As correct application of makeup is essential for a flawless look. Remember to keep these tips in mind.

Top-Coating Your Pout With A Lip Liner

Layers of a lip pencil over the lipstick makes it difficult for the color to stay rich for long. Apply lipstick with your ring finger, and blend it. The warmth of your fingers will help the lipstick to blend smoothly, and stay there for long. Then, let it dry before you put on the lip liner

Do Not Apply Blush Low On The Cheeks, It Will Eventually Pull The Cheeks Down

Instead, keep of the product concentrated over the upper cheekbone, while blending the blush so that it is gradually reduced when it reaches to the outer corner of the eye. This creates an illusion of high cheekbones. Speaking of eyes, the same rule applies to the the liner on the bottom of the eyes. Try using a pencil liner for it.

Reduce Fine Lines: Stay Away From Shimmer

When it comes to blush and eye shadow, even subtle amount of gloss can settle in fine lines, and exaggerate wrinkles. It is preferable to use matte and dull bronzer, for the color to last longer.

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Concealer Is A Must Have Beauty Product

In general, the use of a pink or red base, such as lipstick, lip gloss or blush, existing only exaggerate the redness, so it is better to focus on the first skin. Start with the base, then give it a minute to set, before addressing to skin problems or red patches on the skin with the help of a liquid concealer.

One Must Have Styling Product - Hairsprays

Spraying a small amount of Hairspray on your flat roots can give your hair a perfect look. Apply it on your palm and with the help of both the palms move in circular motions to create volume at the roots. It also tones down frizzy hair. Hairspray can also be used for setting your eyebrows straight if you have curly or thick brows.

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