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Affordable Plastic Surgery in New York City

Updated on March 24, 2014

Affordable Quality Plastic Surgery in New York City

I am about to reveal a secret that will change the lives of many women. Ladies, I hope you are all sitting down when you read this.

How many of you ladies have considered having plastic surgery? We have all looked in the mirror and pulled and stretched certain areas of our body or face and said, "I wish I could get rid of that or "a little enhancement won't hurt".

Plastic surgery can be very expensive. We all go online and do our research and look for a board certified plastic surgeon. Once we find a surgeon, we look at their websites, read reviews, call and make a consultation. At the consultation, you discuss what you want to have done with your surgeon, you ask questions. At the end of your consultation you should have all the answers to your questions and feel comfortable with your surgeon. Some of us go for a second and third consultation with different surgeons usually to compare techniques and prices. The conclusion you usually come to is that this procedure (beauty enhancement) is going to put a dent in your purse. So what are we to do when there is no way we can pay "those prices" for our beauty enhancements? We find an alternative!!!!

Word of mouth is very important. Most of us are inclined to use the same surgeon as a family member or friend. This word of mouth secret comes straight out of the Washington Heights neighborhood in New York City. You can have breast augmentation and liposuction done as an out-patient procedure for around $3,500 - $6,000USD. (This is an estimated range due to the fact that every case is different and only at your consultation will you know how much you will be charged) Basic information below, for specific details please email me at

Where: Well known hospital in New York City

Cost for Cosmetic Surgery

$1,500.00 -$2,500 for each Procedure Payments due 15 days before procedure (this is an estimate due to every case being different)

Method of Payment

Cash, Money Order, Certified Checks ONLY!!!



$2005.00 - $3500.00 Per day for Ambulatory Stay Services (estimated cost)

Method of Payment

Cash, Money Order, Certified Checks ONLY!!



Please keep receipts of payments in a safe place; they are absolutely necessary for financial clearance


FAQ Questions:

•1- Are these procedures performed by a board certified surgeon?

Answer: Yes. You should never have any procedure done with a surgeon unless he/she is board certified. Do your research!!

•2- Where are these procedures performed?

Answer: Procedures are performed a well known hospital in New York City, very easy to get to by subway, bus and car.

•3- Why are these cosmetic surgeries so affordable?

Answer: These procedures are performed in a clinic instead of a private practice which cuts the cost to the client but doesn't compromise on quality. Your cosmetic surgery is performed by a board certified surgeon.

•4- What can I expect at this clinic?

Answer: You will have to pay a co-payment every time you visit. Co-payments are determined by your insurance carrier if you have one. This co-payment is usually in the range of $10-$30, depending on your health insurance. If your health insurance is not accepted at this clinic or you do not have insurance, you will be asked about how much you make monthly. You will not be asked to prove your income. Your income is used to determine how much your co-payment will be for your clinic visits. They use a sliding scale. You will be told your co-payment and a clinic card will be created for you. You will have to pay your co-payment on the day of your consultation. You can expect long wait times. You can expect uncomfortable chairs in the waiting room areas. Anyone that lives in New York City and has been to the emergency room or clinic can relate to the long waiting time, uncomfortable chairs and less than pleasant service but you see the best doctors and you live thru it only to have to do it all over again. It is all part of living in the big city.

•5- Is financial assistance available?

Answer: Most health insurance companies will not pay for cosmetic surgery unless it is health related. You can ask to be placed on a payment plan if you are unable to come up with the entire cost of your cosmetic surgery.

Please note: There is no guarantee that you will be granted a payment plan but it doesn't hurt to ask, so ask!!!!

•6- How did you, newyorkcitygal, come across this word of mouth secret?

Answer: I personally know of 4 women that have had liposuction and breast augmentation done at this hospital. All of them are completely satisfied with their results and they look amazing. They have recommended their friends and family and are more than happy to show off their results. They all had their surgery performed by the same surgeon.

A few tips about your procedure:

1) You cannot sleep on your sides when you get new boobies for about 2 weeks

2) You cannot sleep on your belly for about 6 weeks

3) Your first week is a living nightmare because you are so SORE.

4) You don't feel pain only soreness

5) You have to get up and walk, FORCE YOURSELF the first day out of bed you have to do it

6) When you get lipo you are not as flexible as before you cannot bend from side to side until you are completely heeled (6-8 months)

7) When you get lipo you are not flat immediately

8) Your after pics are not taken till your 6 month visit

9) You have to find a great surgeon because he will make the difference!!!

9) REGARDLESS of where the incision is for your boobs YOU WILL lose SENSATION (takes about 6 months to get it back; remember you are getting nerves cut and your boob is getting stretched and poked to make space for the new invader).

10) YOU WILL FEEL GREAT if your surgeon did a good job

11) You have to wear the compression garment day and night for however long the doctor tells you

Suggested website to buy girdle:; It is recommended you purchase 2, one for right after the surgery and then a smaller one once the swelling goes down.

You should buy vitamin e oil for the stiches the higher the IU the better. Fades away the scars nicely."

I hope that this information is useful to you all and if you want specific information on the hospital here in New York City where you can get affordable plastic surgery, please email me for specific details:


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    • profile image


      23 months ago

      Please I tried to email you and the email is not void can u please update your email

    • profile image


      2 years ago

      I'm a mother of 3. I've been wanting to get a tummy tuck for quite a while. Do you know if any of these hospital perform this procedure?

    • newyorkcitygal profile imageAUTHOR


      4 years ago

      Yes, pregnancy definitely changes your body completely. Please keep me posted, good luck!!

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      Have not had the procedure done yet but after my bbl I will! I have a decent size i just want a fuller look after breast feeding they completely changed! Even the color changed! Pregnancy is crazy. So I will be going to Dr.Mclean , Toronto hopefully if everything turns out as planned.


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