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8 Essential Airbrush Tanning Tips

Updated on April 2, 2015

Airbrush tans can look like that of a model on the front cover of the latest Sports Illustrated magazine, or like something out of a Wes Craven film.

Believe it or not, it’s not always the airbrush technician’s fault for a tan turning out to be a nightmare and there are some airbrush tanning tips that you can follow to ensure you get the best tan for your buck.

A little prepping goes a long way!

Who doesn't love a great tan?
Who doesn't love a great tan? | Source

Before Your Appointment

Here are some airbrush tanning tips to follow before you even leave the house for your tanning session:

  • Bathe before your appointment and scrub down well.

Exfoliating helps remove dead skin that would otherwise fall off after you get an airbrush tan. You can use a loofah, or make a scrub with raw sugar. Try to avoid oil-based products; you do not want to have oily skin before getting an airbrush tan!

  • Do not put anything on your skin after you bathe before your tan.

This includes makeup, body sprays, deodorants, lotions and so on. The more products you put on your skin before getting an airbrush tan, the less the tan will take. Not to mention this may cause it to turn out a bit patchy.

  • Don’t wear clingy clothes and be sure to remove all of your jewelry.

Wearing loose fitting clothes will help ensure that you don’t rub so much of the tan off after it is done. Wearing flip-flops and clothes that you don’t really care to ruin is also a good idea because some of the tan is bound to rub off.


During Your Appointment

Once you've arrived for your airbrush tanning session, there are a few more tips to follow to make sure the tan is applied correctly.

  • Do not go into the spray room if you are sweating.

If you did sweat a little, pat it dry before getting your tan because an airbrush tan will not adhere well to wet areas. It also helps to avoid drinks such as coffee or other caffeinated beverages before your appointment as these stimulate the nervous system, thus increasing sweat production.

  • Listen to the directions given by your airbrush technician.

Keep your legs spread and your arms out from your side. This will help ensure the most even, all-around tan and most of all, that you leave the tanning salon feeling happy knowing that you got an awesome airbrush tan.


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After Your Appointment

Now that you have your flawless tan, here are some tips to make ensure it lasts as long as possible!

  • Don't shower for at least 8 hours after your appointment.

After your session, you need to wait at least 8 hours before showering, bathing, or swimming, to allow your tan to dry completely. If you get wet too soon, your tan could fade, or even worse; streak!

  • Use moisturizer every morning after your tanning session.

We got this helpful hint from Spray Tan Tips. Keeping your skin moisturized will help the ingredients in the tanning spray last longer. Plus, it'll keep your skin looking silky smooth!

  • Show off your fabulous tan at the beach!

Now that you've followed all our tips and have a flawless tan, why not show it off! A day at the beach with friends, the boyfriend, or the hubby is a great way to flaunt your perfectly tanned physique!

More Airbrush Tanning Tips to Remember

When going in for your appointment, it never hurts to get there a little early, especially if you need to talk to the airbrush technician before the actual appointment.

It is important to communicate to the technician if you have any broken areas on the skin, dry patches, rashes, are pregnant or lactating.

In some cases, it may be in your best interest to reschedule the appointment if you want the most flawless airbrush tan possible.

If you utilize all of the airbrush tanning tips mentioned above, you are bound to get an airbrush tan that will leave you feeling as fabulous as a woman who just spent four hours tanning on the beach.

Your tan will last longer, and so will that smile on your face once it is all done!


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