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Alexis Hudson Bags Sale

Updated on August 30, 2013

Find Beautiful Designer Bags for Your Collection of Fashion Accessories

The beautiful brains behind the gorgeous Alexis Hudson bags collection are Rachelle Copeland and Emily Ironi...

Together, they bring to the table over 17 combined years of industry experience of learning the business of accessory design and sales.

In 2005 Copeland and Ironi pooled their talents to launch the collection whose name pays homage to Copeland's daughter, Alexis, and Ironi's "baby" German Wirehaired Pointer, Hudson. Immediately, fresh young brand industry insiders labeled their line as "one to watch."

They had a clear compelling vision for their brand from the start and have seen it through to reality -- providing "absolute therapy for handbag addicts" and creating the "perfect bag."

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Rachelle Copeland and Emily Ironi of Alexis Hudson
Rachelle Copeland and Emily Ironi of Alexis Hudson

The Perfect Marriage of Function and Form

Rachelle Copeland (the creative force) designs handbags that perfectly mate both function and form. Just like a chic trench coat or a classic ballet slipper, these will stand the test of time due to an ability to adapt to and transform the style of each individual woman who carries one.

Each luxurious bag includes thoughtful, subtle design elements like pen holders, hidden magnetic closures, key chain clasps, adjustable straps, and more than enough room for all the important items a busy girl carries with her.

Emily Ironi successfully launched the line, using her vast sales and marketing experience and landing it in some of the country's most touted, high-profile boutiques in just a single season.

Thanks to instant visibility, this collection started showing up on the arms of the most fashionable women and chicest celebrities from coast-to-coast, including Katherine Heigl, Eva Longoria, Heather Graham, Kate Hudson, Jill Hennessey, Keira Knightley, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, Elisabeth Rohm, and Cindy Crawford,

to name just a few.

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3 Shopping Women Friends Print
3 Shopping Women Friends Print

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