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A review about the new Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium Miracurl styling tool.

Updated on April 15, 2014

Can Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium Miracurl Work On All Hair Types?

Professional stylist are going crazy, about what the babyliss pro nano titanium miracurl (perfect curl), can do. Is this professional tool all that stylist want you to believe, and can it work for everyone and I mean everyone? All hair types from every race. Being Caribbean and knowing how much more effort and work goes in to styling black hair, because of its texture. I was interested in finding out more about this styling tool. Many products are advertised but they never mention specific types of hair from different races. So here is the information that I could find regarding the styling tool. Maybe because it is new and more information and expertise about this styling tool is needed.

The New Way Of Curling Hair

I have found so far that the Babyliss Miracurl perfect curl can be used on all hair types, but I did not find specific information for different race of hair. It only gave information for texture types, but texture types are different for every race of people. Example black hair has very tight curls, so this is why it is so much thicker. So here is the information found for different hair types. For hair with a lot of texture, meaning thick or extremely tight curly hair, use the babyliss on low or medium hair settings first to straighten it out, before using it on high to curl the hair. Hair that is straight you do not need to do this first. Just set it on high and let the Babyliss Miracurl do its magic. For longer hair section hair smaller about 1" for medium length to short hair use 1 1/2. Hair that is extremely fine, it does work but your curl may not be as bouncy as desired. Suggestion is to use hair extensions if you want more volume

An Easy Way To Get Professional Results!

With the Babyliss Perfect Curl

I do believe that the babyliss perfect curl tool is a good tool on the market for curling hair, especially straight hair. This professional styling tool is a great invention because of the way it works. But here are a few reasons that the majority of individuals will love this professional styling tool.

You can get great curls without spending a bundle, It is easy and simple to use.

No curling hair around a curling rod, hair is drawn in to babyliss tool.

Here is the information of how to use this styling tool for hair types based on textures only:

*Hair Settings for Types of Hair:

*375 setting 1 for fine hair

*410 setting 2 for normal hair

*450 setting 3 for thick hair

The perfect curl has 3 different curl directions so you can pick the direction of your curl pattern:



*Alternate direction

For ladies who like to wear hair extensions the miracurl perfect curl can be used with only real hair extensions(100% human hair).

Anyone Can Use This Styling Tool

This is a great machine for ease and versatility. This is a functional workable curling machine to handle. It has high heats for thicker hair, and it also has a timer, which you can control, or set. This is a no fuss machine, like the old curling iron, that you have to roll your hair up into the curling iron. The machine draws in the hair and tells you when the curl is finished as long as you set the timer.

What I did find out is, hair that has more texture or curl, you might need to straighten it first. or as said earlier use on low heat to straighten first. I thick this really depends on how tight your curls are, naturally.

Instructional Video on How To Use Perfect Curl

Look at Video for Further Directions

In the video there is a demonstration of a stylist curling someone's hair. The video also gives more information about the perfect curl, if further direction is needed.

Is This Professional Hair Tool a Winner?

Babyliss Pro Miracurl

My conclusion of this product is that the babyliss perfect curl is a good professional styling tool, for anyone that wants professional looking hair with out the repeat of high cost or hair dressing pricesl. Not to mention for those last minute unplanned outings and you don't have time to book a hair appointment, this product is worth it.

For me I like to do my own hair , and to know that I can purchase something that would give me the opportunity to experiment and style my own hair it is worth it.

Now for black hair that is extremely curly or natural, I am not sure how well this would work, but what I do know is that it will work great on hair extensions. So if you wear hair extensions daily this does work on hair extensions, but only 100% human hair.

Three visits to your hairdresser, or stylist pays for this professional styling tool.

Please Comments About Your Experience

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    • profile image

      gdsgsd 2 years ago

      nike air max 2015,

    • wendyb4312 profile image

      wendyb4312 3 years ago

      @bettyalice: I bet your hair looks like it was professionally done. Nice to hear!

    • wendyb4312 profile image

      wendyb4312 3 years ago

      @diane25: I am glad you love the product. It is always nice to hear positive feed back for products.

    • profile image

      bettyalice 3 years ago

      I bought Babyliss Pro Mira Curl Titanium Curl Machine from with the coupon code babyliss10. I love it so much when I receive it. It can keep my hair curl all day long. lol

    • profile image

      diane25 3 years ago

      I purchased one Babyliss Pro Mira Curl Titanium Curl Machine from with the coupon code BABYLISS10. It is so amazing, because the hair curler only takes me 85.49 USD. I never thought I can order it with so worthy price.

      I test it as soon as possible once I received it. The Mira Curl can let me hair keep curl all day long and it is very easy to use. I love my Mira Curl so much.

    • wendyb4312 profile image

      wendyb4312 4 years ago

      @anonymous: I am sorry to hear that. If you can smell something all day after using it that is no good. Just a quick question, did you put anything on your hair prior to using it, and how high did you set it? Just curious because those to components make a big difference with using heat products on hair. But I am glad that you could get back your money. Every product is not good for every person.

    • profile image

      anonymous 4 years ago

      Bought it with the guarantee and good thing - they don't take it back in the store. While it curls great, I think it's doing too much damage to my hair. I can smell it all day, not quite the small of burnt hair, which is really bad, but some kind of lingering odor. It's a great tool but don't think it's worth the damage it's doing to my hair.