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Tie the Knot with a Cowboy Themed Wedding

Updated on June 8, 2011
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You have always been known for your incredibly creative and exciting ideas. In fact, many of your family and friends say that they can never guess what you next move would be. Now that you are planning to tie the knot with your equally adventurous beau, you want to surprise everyone you know with a fantastic cowboy wedding that would surely be the talk of the town.

Have a blast in this fun and informal wedding theme by incorporating these wonderful suggestions into your big day.

The Cowboy Elements


Instead of sending out the traditional wedding invitations, what you can do is to give away Wanted Poster wedding invitations. But if you want to go classic, you can send traditional invites with a touch of cowboy elements like a cowboy hat shaped cutouts or colored checkered patterns.

Table Centerpiece

Use a cowboy boot as a centerpiece and fill this up with flowers. If you do not want to use an actual boot, you can opt for a boot shaped glass flower vase. Another good option would be a cowboy hat, placed upside down, and filled with candies and treats. These table centerpiece ideas are fun, festive, and most of all, inexpensive.

The Right Fit

The Car and Attire

Wedding Car

Adorn the wedding car with cowboy ropes and cowboy design elements. Now, if you want a real grand entrance, it would be more fun to gallop your way to the ceremony venue in a horse carriage. Not only would this make your wedding unique, it would also make a great backdrop for the wedding photos.


The bride can wear a dazzling white gown, which has been a staple in weddings since time immemorial. However, to add a cowgirl effect to this wedding attire, wear a pair of stylish Twisted X boots for women in lieu of the traditional wedding shoes. Now for the groom, a pair of stunning John Deere Boots and a gorgeous cowboy hat to top off the fierce cowboy look would do the trick. The bridesmaids can dress in blue or red cocktail dresses and wear cowgirl boots. The groomsmen can come in denim jeans, leather vests, and cowboy hats. The kids, meanwhile, would look cute on kids cowboy hats and boots.

The Final Touch


There is a multitude of choices when it comes to wedding favors that you could give away during this special day. Horseshoe magnets, trail mix packets, beef jerky, miniature cowboy hats, cowboy boot key chains, bandannas, and feedbags are just few of the many options that you can consider. Do not forget to add a personalized note of Thank You to make your guests feel that you sincerely appreciate their presence on your wedding day.

Food and Drinks

Have an informal buffet for this fun and festive celebration. Serve hearty chili, jalapeno, cornbread, steaks, ribs, barbecue chicken, and bottled beer. Top the cake with a figuring featuring a comical cowgirl bride whipping the groom with a lasso.

Choosing Cowboy Boots

A Fun Wedding Theme

A cowboy wedding is surely a fun and wonderful idea to use for your special day. With these exciting tips, you can be sure to tie the knot in such a way that people will never ever forget.


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