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All Types of Bra, guide for women and girls

Updated on October 2, 2011
Adriana Lima with Diamond Bra
Adriana Lima with Diamond Bra

Bra is an important piece of underwear that women and girls alike need in their wardrobe. Although it is something that you won't see, it is important because it should provide proper support and help your body look more shapely. There are so many different types of bras on the market and each type serves their own functions. This guide is all about the different types of bras and how they should be used. Hopefully this guide will make you (women and girls) look more beautiful both inside and out.

T-shirt Bras – These bras are good for t-shirts and generally disappear under a tight fitting t-shirt. Every girl should have at least a few of these to wear on a daily basis. They are what I call mostly all purpose bras for less formal occasions. Those that are close to your skin color are especially useful for everyday wear.

Racer back bras – These bras are my favorites because they close at the front. They are almost all purpose bras except when you wear wide v-neck t-shirts. Because they are racer back, the straps are more likely to show when you wear a wide opened top. I would recommend these for girls that always complaining about straps slipping. Just wear them with crew necks or something where the straps will not show.

Strapless bras – These are intended for special clothing. Those tops that show your shoulders completely would need one of these bras. Strapless bras can be very tight and thus being a little bit uncomfortable. One of these bras in nude should be enough if you don't wear strapless clothing too often.

Padded bras – These will give you more cleavage. Depending on your situation, it might not be the most suitable types of bras that you should wear. Anybody bigger than a C cup should actually avoid these padded bras. Although curves are very attractive, it does look very sexy when it is hugely out of proportion. There are thin padding to very thick padding. Generally, smaller breast (those that are A cups or even smaller) should choose more padding to visually enhance your profile.

Full coverage bras – These bras are made for those with lots of cleavage. These are wonderful for support that you need. You should also choose the ones with two thick straps to help you support the extra weight. Those with smaller breasts would not need these.

Multi-way bras – These bras are highly versatile and can be worn a variety of different ways. One strap, two straps, no straps, low back or halter. Whatever you like and whatever fits the situation. These bras tend to be a bit more expensive because of their versatility.

Nude bras or those close to your own skin color is a must have for all. This is obvious to many of us because it disappears under even very sheer outfits. You should have at least 2-3 bras that matches your skin tone. These types of bras are especially suitable for the office setting where professionalism is required.

Bra design – There are so many different colors, pattern and materials for bras. For everyday uses, choose a color that is very similar to your skin tone to make them disappear under most clothing. For example, nude color is very good for all women with lighter skin. Browns and blacks are good for women with darker skin. Other colors like red, pink, purple, blue should be stocked in limited quantities only because it will not match any of your light colored clothing. There are cute patterns for bras as well. Again you should choose only a few of them because it will easily show under your light colored or sheer shirts. Bras are made of different materials as well. The cotton ones are good for everyday and hot weather. Lace ones are very sexy but tend to show through under light fabrics. Microfibers are very comfortable and will disappear under even very sheer tops.


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      reena 2 years ago


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      agyeiwaa 4 years ago

      i went some this types of bra how am i going to get some to buy

    • AsheLee profile image

      AsheLee 6 years ago from North Carolina

      T-shirt bras are great looking but don't usually come in larger sizes. I wouldn't recommend every girl have a few when they may not be able to find one.