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Keys To Establishing A Meaningful Image And Living A Meaningful Life

Updated on August 26, 2015

First Key: Your Focal Point

The way we dress, talk, and use our body language tells a story. First impressions are lasting impressions and are made in a brief moment by our viewer. It is impossible to get a 'do over' when it comes to first impressions because our memory bank will always trigger our first thoughts about a person. First impressions are extremely important when presenting ourselves at a job interview, first date, or establishing relationships in all aspects of life.

Many young women tell the wrong story about their lives. Mainly, because they do not realize the value of their focal point. What is a focal point? Your focal point is the WOW factor! It is more than charisma. Your focal point: puts your best fashion forward, allows you to take advantage of opportunities and create your own opportunities. It is the ability to communicate effectively within your environment and setting the right attitude for life, while going above and beyond to achieve your goals.



Your focal point tells a story about you. Your story must be congruent with your focal point. How you dress, walk, sit, stand, talk, makes a lasting impression about who you are. First and last impressions are imperative in establishing rapport and increase your likeability factor. To have that "WOW factor" impression on people you must develop a great Focal Point. It takes practice to develop a great focal point and if it does not come naturally, you may need to invest in a personal coach or a personal-professional development program.

Ten amazing keys to developing a great focal point:

#1. Fashion: The way you dress tells "your story". Have you chosen the correct fashion style that goes with the story you want to tell to others? The clothes you choose should fit your body type. Remember, your life is an open book and there is always a story to be told. Be sure your clothes tell an appropriate story.

#2. Opportunity: Do you recognize opportunity when it knocks? And if opportunity isn't knocking, do you know how to create circumstances to create opportunity? Self-confidence plays a significant rule in taking advantage of opportunities, as well as, creating opportunities. Self-confidence allows you to tackle decisions without hesitation and procrastination. Self-confident people are usually enthusiastic people and enthusiastic people are usually people that are passionate about life.

#3. Communication: I know you have heard "effective communication is the key to your success". Knowing how to convey important messages can open many doors in life.

#4. Attitude: Your attitude determines how far you will go in life. People who are optimistic accomplish much more in life than people who are pessimists.

#5. Life: You are in control of your destiny. The choice you make now determines your future. Are you making the right choices? Create a life plan. Remember your goals are not etched in stone. You can change your plan at anytime. Your plan is your blueprint; it allows you to keep track of your benchmarks.

#6. Power: Set long term and short term goals and reward yourself when you have met benchmarks. Setting goals will give you the power to control your thoughts and stay focus. When you do not have goals, you do not know where you are going in life and this may cause you to follow anyone down the wrong path. Be powerful, set goals.

#7. Organization: Eliminate clutter in your living space. By eliminating clutter in your living space you will eliminate clutter in you mind, allowing you to maintain focus.

#8. Intuition: Always go with your gut instincts!

#9. Now: Be the best "you" you can be now! And remember to go above and beyond your call of duty. At this moment you are creating your future. Do what you need to do NOW and your rewards will come to you!

#10. Target: Target two goals for the next 30 days and accomplish milestones. Continue to set goals to accomplish your life plan.

Second Key: Enroll In An Online Continuing Education Course to Enhance Your Career Skills

Make Your Character Shine!

The are many online continuing education courses that may help enhance your career skills. There are paid continuing education courses from your local community college and free courses such as TED:

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