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American Flag & USA Nail Art Design Tutorials - DIY Patriotic Manicures

Updated on January 16, 2015

Show your love for America with a Patriotic Manicure!

Even though the Fourth of July is just behind us, these 10 incredible patriotic nail art designs are a great way to show your American Pride throughout the year. The following tutorials and videos are bound to give you some great ideas and show you some new nail art techniques to help you create your own American Flag or other Red, White, and Blue patriotic nails.

This Red and White Stars and Stripes Nail Art Manicure Tutorial teaches you one way to make perfect stars and stripes, and each artist below has her own way of implementing these same elements into her design. I encourage you to watch all the videos and take your favorite tips from each manicure and use them to create your own unique nail art design!

OPI nail polish, start to finish base coat, top coat, and nail strengthener
OPI nail polish, start to finish base coat, top coat, and nail strengthener

Always start with a base coat, and finish with a top coat

Whether it is explicitly stated in the tutorial or not, it is best to start each manicure or pedicure by painting your nails with a base coat. A base coat layer will help protect your nails from being stained by the nail polish color you use. Certain colors may stain your nails more quickly than others, such as red, blue, and black, but most nail polish will leave your nails with a yucky yellow tone if you leave it on too long without a protective base coat. Be sure to let this layer dry completely before painting over it with nail polish.

Likewise, always finish your manicures and pedicures with a clear top coat. The top coat protects all the hard work you just did and prevents the nail polish from chipping, and also gives it a nice glossy shine. Especially when painting nail art designs on your nails, don't ever skip the top coat! It is also important to make sure your nail designs are perfectly dry before painting over them with the top coat, or you may risk smearing your artwork!

I like to use products that double as both a base coat and top coat, such as this OPI Start to Finish Base Coat, Nail Strengthener, and Top Coat in one. It dries quickly, and is formaldehyde free.

DIY Stars and Stripes Nail Art Manicure Tutorial (video)
DIY Stars and Stripes Nail Art Manicure Tutorial (video) | Source

Patriotic Nail Art Manicure Tutorial with Foil Stars - video tutorial by JessicaBarst

Show off your patriotism with the red and blue, or choose your own colors for any other occasion!

This is my first nail art tutorial video - A fun, patriotic design made with aluminum foil, glitter glue, and a little bit of nail polish.

I use a nail art pen to get the red stripes, and cut the little stars from aluminum foil using a star shaped craft punch. Other materials (and shapes) can also be used with this technique, so get crafty and have fun!

USA Olympic Nail Art Manicure - video tutorial by Luxurious Nails

This is an excellent all-American nail art design to support Olympic Team USA or celebrate the 4th of July!

I love the sparkle gems added to this manicure, and I especially like the way it looks with the darker blue nail polish.

It's easy to achieve nice round dots when you use a dotting too, but you can also use a toothpick if you prefer!

American Flag Water Marble Nail Art Manicure - video tutorial by MoDiddie

This fancy American Flag water marble manicure is a little bit more involved than some of the other nail art designs, but I think the outcome is one that merits the time it takes!

I really like the abstract red and white stripes - they almost appear as if the flag is waving in the wind - and I think the silver glitter stripe offsets the blue and white polka dots nicely.

Check out the video below to learn the water marbling technique with red and white nail polish!

USA Red White and Blue American Flag Manicure & Eye Makeup - video tutorial by Michelle Phan

This nail art design from Michelle Phan is a cute and casual alternating red and white stripes with white polka dots over blue nail polish.

The technique is simple as well, and as a bonus you get a red, white, and blue eye makeup tutorial to go along with the manicure!

American Flag and Statue of Liberty Nail Art Manicure - video tutorial by Luvable Nails

This nail art design goes all out with more complex painting skills required for the Statue of Liberty and the striped American eagle.

If you're not so confident with your artistic skills, you can of course skip those two elements and just stick with the stars and stripes!

I think the flag part of the design could be a bit more exciting - I think a nice sparkly blue glitter nail polish would do the trick nicely!

Star and Polka Dots American Flag Nail Art Manicure - video tutorial by IndigoNova1

I love the cute little 'applique' star on this design! It is a technique that I have not yet tried, but would be really fun to play with; the possibilities are endless and it's really quite simple!

I also like the deep dark glittery blue polish used here; it gives this manicure a more glamorous look than a brighter blue polish might.

Using a dotting tool and special 'nail striper' brushes helps you get clean lines and perfect dots.

Red, White, and Blue Firecracker 4th of July Patriotic Nail Art Manicure - video tutorial by SimpleLittlePleasues

I love this nail art design! The technique is simple but the finished look has a lot of sizzle, just like a firecracker!

Perfect for Independence Day, but this technique could also be applied in different color nail polish for different occasions (say, New Year's Eve!).

I would love to add a little extra pop to this design using some nail art gems applied in the center of the starbursts, maybe just on a few nails as a nice little accent.

American Flag and Fireworks 4th of July Patriotic Nail Art Manicure - video tutorial by hellokitty12822

Cute and simple stars and stripes nail designs, and as the artist shows you, there are several variations to play with to make this look your own. So patriotic!

Using dotting techniques and glitter nail polish to vary the design on each nail, if you like!

4th of July Inspired Nail Art Manicure - video tutorial by Luxurious Nails

This spangled nail art design alternates white and silver polka dots to give the effect of stars on the flag.

I like the look of glittered nail polish alternating with regular polish. This manicure is a fun, unique, and simple design that even a novice at nail art can achieve easily!

As you can see, there are so many exciting possibilities when it comes to ideas for a star-spangled mani, and I hope you've found some inspiration and learned some new techniques here. I encourage you to come up with your own styles mixing some of these fun ideas.

Thanks for Reading!

Which patriotic manicure design is your favorite? Did you learn a new nail art technique that you want to try? I'd love to hear about it!

© 2012 Jessica Barst

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