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Angelcare Baby Monitors

Updated on July 28, 2014

Baby Video Check

Can you imagine how we could live before, leaving our child sleeping alone with no one to watch her ?

I feel so lucky to be born in a time of high technology. The first thing I did when my daughter was born was to find a device which will tell me when she cries or feels uncomfortable when I'm with my wife out of the room.

After trying so many of them, I have to say that Angelcare's products are definitely the best.

How the Monitor Saved My Child

I remember coming home from a long work day. My wife was so happy to see me, and she went to a store, just to fresh up.

I immediately went to see my angel, and she was already asleep. Of course I didn't want to wake her, so I went quietly to watch some TV. I was so tired that I fell asleep, and suddenly a cry woke me up.

I ran to my daughter's rooms and saw her crying, apparently she felt sick, so I didn't wait a second and took her to the doctor. My wife came to visit us, and thankfully we lowered her temperature just on time.

What Should You Look in a Monitor ?

Well first of all durability. You wouldn't want one which would stop working all of a sudden. Therefore I would recommend buying something with a known brand name. It's your child we're talking about.

Secondly, I would choose something which looks not dangerous to put around your baby. A monitor with round structure, so that even if she plays with it, nothing would happen.

I would definitely recommend you to try the Angelcare products, if you want to rid yourself of worry and replacing the product at the store after a few months. It might even serve you for your next child, or you can give it to your friend when your baby gets older.

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