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Angelina Jolie Tattoos - Meanings Explained

Updated on July 11, 2014

Angelina Jolie Tattoos

No doubt - Angelina Jolie is one of the versatile and famous Hollywood actress since then. I'm a fan of her as well as her movies such as Wanted, SALT, Tomb Raider, and Mr. & Mrs. Smith to mention a few. Aside from that, she's also known as a tattoo lover. In fact she has a lot of it on her bodies and she's not that shy-type to show it on public.

On this lens, let me share you some of those tat's she considered to have inked on her body. I'll also discuss their meanings and possible reasons why she had chose them.

Angelina Jolie has a cross and a quote tattoo (latin words) which says "quod me nutrit me destruit" which actually means "What nourishes me, destroys me." She had this on Amsterdam and used as a cover for her previous dragon with blue tounge tattoo.

This is the one which had been inked by using the language of Cambodia which is done by a tattoo artist named Noo Kanhphaiin. She believed that this tattoo will protect her and her adopted son names Maddox from evil spirits. It's a Buddhist Pali incantation and the translation is "May your enemies run far away from you. If you acquire riches, may they remain yours always. Your beauty will be that of Apsara. Wherever you may go, many will attend, serve and protect you, surrounding you on all sides."

Are you thinking where does she got this one? For your information, it's the title of the song from her favorite band - The Clash. Familiar with the song? Go! Make a search online.

This tat tells where does her adopted children came from. First is Cambodia where Maddox came from, second is Ethiopia where Zahara is born, third is Namibia where her biological daughter Shiloh were born, fourth is Vietnam where his son Plax's birthplace, fifth and sixth was in France for her twins namely Knox and Viviene, and the last is Oklahoma where Brad Pitt was born.

This tattoo is also inked by the same person who made her Khmer Script. It's measured 12 inches long and 8 inches wide and can be seen on her lower back. She choose this one for her Cambodian citizenship.

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Angelina's Tat on Youtube - See related YouTube clips for her tattoo.

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    • jen17 lm profile image

      jen17 lm 4 years ago

      Very interesting lens thanks for all the explanations of the tattoos!

    • razelle09 profile image

      razelle09 4 years ago

      @Livelykid: i agree, thanks for the visit

    • profile image

      Livelykid 4 years ago

      Tattos great way to speak up your mind

    • profile image

      ChristyZ 4 years ago

      Angelina is so cool, I don't think that just anyone could get away with having all of those tattoos, but she can!

    • razelle09 profile image

      razelle09 4 years ago

      @Raymond Eagar: love your words, i think people has their unique point of view, there are some who like them and others are not. :-)

    • razelle09 profile image

      razelle09 4 years ago

      @KimGiancaterino: yeah, thanks for the visit

    • KimGiancaterino profile image

      KimGiancaterino 4 years ago

      I'm not a fan of permanent body art either, but it was interesting to learn the meaning behind these. I like that you can do temporary versions.

    • Raymond Eagar profile image

      Raymond Eagar 4 years ago

      I do not like tatoos on women because girls are beautiful as they were born , girls are made of sugar and spice and boys are made of frogs and puppy dog tails . I am a boy and appreciate the beauty of women .