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Animal Slippers For Adults

Updated on December 17, 2017

Animal Slippers for Adults

Who said growing up has to be boring? Having a sense of fun, never gets old. With that in mind, look down at your slippers. What do they say about you? Do they reflect your life or that of your grandfather's?

Come on, shake things up a bit and grab back that youthful spirit of fun. Treat yourself to a pair of slippers that will bring a smile to your face every time you put them on. Even if your alarm clock goes off at 5:30am and it is a grey Monday morning, slip your feet into any one of these animal slippers and your day is sure to be a great one.

Before you buy your slippers

It is easy to get caught up in the cuteness of slippers like these but make sure you check a few things before ordering. Is the bottom surface important to you? If you are just walking on carpet, it might not be a problem. Check that the sole is skid free. Some will be rubberized on the bottom which gives you a bit of grip.

Others may be just the plush fabric, which is fine if you are in the house, but if you try to go outside, let's say to pick up the paper, they could get mucky.

Also check the sizes. Sometimes they run small. Plus you don't want your toe right to the end of the slipper because if it is stitched there it could rub causing you discomfort. Use a tape measure to accurately measure your feet.

What type do you like a full slipper or a mule style?

Slippers for Horse Lovers

Who do you know who loves horses? Some people always dreamed of owning a horse when they were young and for whatever reason, it didn't happen. Renew their lifelong childhood passion and give them their own pair of horse slippers.

Horse Slippers

Horse Slippers
Horse Slippers | Source

Bunny Slippers- The Cute and the Scary!

I have included one for men and one for women.

Toy Vault Rabbit with Big Pty Teeth Slippers--Fits Ages 14+
Toy Vault Rabbit with Big Pty Teeth Slippers--Fits Ages 14+

These are scary bunnies. sure to give the kids nightmares, but hey, what are dads and uncles for.


How to walk in slippers with a head.

It sounds easy enough, you just put them on and off you go. Nope, this isn't the case. When I had my pair of alligator slippers, it took me awhile to become accustom to walking in them. Sometimes the head would catch on the back of my other shin.

Another time the bottom jaw caught on the floor and tripped me up.

Then there are low tables that need to be considered. You are in essence walking with a big lump on the end and top of your foot and it needs to be compensated for.

Another factor to consider is, if you have the plush fabric on the bottom as I did, this will wear down and flatten. I slipped down the stairs wearing mine because the plush was slippery after wearing them so much. It gave new meaning to the word, slippers!

I speak from experience here.

Do you think adult should wear animal slippers?

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Cleaning Plush Slippers

Washing plush slippers is the same as washing a stuffed teddy bear or toy.

Depending on the type of slippers you have, some are machine washable. Check your label. If they are, I would use a gentle cycle and soap like Woolite. A mesh bag would be a good idea as well. If the eyes are buttons, check that these are secure before washing.

You can also use a dry hair shampoo. These are usually sprayed on and then brushed off.

Hand washing in a gentle soap is also a good options. Try not to get the densely stuffed parts overly wet. A light sponging in many cases will suffice. Use as little water as possible as the drying process will take longer and they might smell moldy.

One problem is many have cardboard inside them instead of plastic and this, of course will not stand up to the water.

If they seem less fluffy, you can use a short toothed comb to re-fluff them.

Image credit: and cjansuebsri

My Green Alligator Slippers

The first pair that I had as an adult were alligator heads. I think they were a gift. I of course had character ones like Bugs Bunny when I was young but when you hit 21 things change.

Why someone gave me alligator ones, I have no idea, but they quickly became a firm favorite. Yes, I had all those fluffy slippers but these were something special. My only gripe was they were plush on the bottom and eventually that wore out.

It was a sad day when I finally threw them away, they always made me remember that life can be too serious, and to remember to have a sense of humor.

© 2013 Meredith Davies

Do you have a favorite character or animal pair of slippers?

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