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Top Anime Guy Hair Styles

Updated on August 28, 2011

Male Cartoons Characters

The male cartoon characters have some attractive wild locks. These locks can vary from despicably long curls to conventional anime guy hair styles. These hairstyles convey the persona of characters. Conventionally, authoritative male characters have longer locks. Characters like Vampire Hunter D have much longer locks than the characters around them. Proficient male characters will have a more traditional cut.

No frill hairstyle can be applied for any male characters who may not have straight control over how he appears. These styles are usually applied to some boys in schools or any people who are working in the professional business surroundings. You can make this appearance with a bent line combined to the right and left side of your head. The bangs can be added with a serrated line across the forehead. If your personality is quite rebellious, extended bangs with large triangular curls can be added.

Vampire Hunter D
Vampire Hunter D

Flattop Haircut

The flattop haircut was made famous by the character of the series guile in the Street Fighter. This hairstyle is demonstrated through sketching a trapezoid shape on pinnacle of the head of character. The top needs to be wider than the bottom. You can put additional individual clumps of locks with small serrated lines.

Guile in Street Fighter
Guile in Street Fighter

Spiky Hair Style

The spiky haircut has been applied in cartoon male characters. Forming this appearance includes inserting dissimilar sized triangular barbs around the scalp of the character. There are frequently one or two main barbs on the bangs. However, these should be larger than the others.

Goku spiky hair
Goku spiky hair | Source

Long Hair

Lengthy hairs are used on any cartoon character that has a quite of obscurity about him. Demonic characters from Advent Children and Final Fantasy have long straight hairs. This appearance can be sketch quite easily similar to the shape of letter M across the forehead and one more above the head.

You can also shape the remaining locks with a plain straight line coming down from the upper right and left sides of the head. Twines of locks in the face of character can be added with slim bands running across the face.

Final Fantasy characters
Final Fantasy characters

Shaggy Hair

Shaggy hair are usually applied on a younger gentleman character. This lock is much similar to the no-frills style. However, if you will add some exaggerations, a character that wears his locks like this may have an additional individualistic smudge than other characters. You can also make this look with a shape similar to letter M, which will be laid on the pinnacle of the head that curls around the right and left side.

Shaggy hair styles
Shaggy hair styles

As with their female counterparts, the anime guy hair styles are one key behavior in determining that characters. Like females, the locks of male cartoons can produce as many probable styles as your thoughts dictate. Nevertheless, there are some typical qualities among male hairstyles. There are no as many male characters with lengthy locks as there are females. Moreover, though female hair is commonly sketched in curls and waves, male locks frequently used straight lines and jagged features. If you want to know more facts and tips, try to read those articles that contain valuable information.


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      I think you've just captured the answer pecelrtfy

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      6 years ago

      My fave anima hare is InuYasha's!!!! so long and thowe's ears


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