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How to wear ankle boots / booties – guide for women

Updated on February 20, 2012

Ankle boots or booties have been very hot in the fashion world. These boots end at your ankles and are most wore for winter season or colder days. Many women purchased these boots because they look good for many outfits and keep their feet warm at the same time. This hub is all about ankle boots or booties and the best way to wear them for all body types.

For a shorter woman, ankle boots or booties are not very flattering. Here is the reason, it tends to visually divide your legs and give the appearance of even shorter legs. However, shorter women can still wear ankles boots with lots of style. The easiest way to make your legs look longer is through wearing leggings that are the same color as the boots. By doing this, your legs will look long and lean. Here is an outfit that I have created: a pair of black ankle boots, black tights and a long sleeve floral dress (small flowers are good for shorter women, above the knee). This set is suitable for spring and fall.

Modified ankle boots are more flattering for shorter women. Due to ankle boots visually divide your legs into shorter sections, many shorter women do not want to wear them without similar color leggings. However, some designers do realize that not every woman has a model like body and created ankle boots that zip open at the front. These types of booties are flattering for short women without having to wear tights underneath. Peep toe booties like the one shown below are suitable to wear for warmer days.

Taller and slimmer women have more versatility when it comes to wearing the ankle boots. A lot of women want to show their bare legs with ankle boots or booties. Keep in mind that this look is only flattering for those taller than 5 feet 7 inches. You can wear a thigh high dress, a pair of booties and either a cropped leather jacket or jean jacket. Leather jacket gives you a bit of edgy look (rocker chic) while jean jacket are more causal.

Ankle boots or booties can be worn with dark wash jeans for a very cute look. In this look, you can either choose a black color or other neutral colors for the booties. Many women like to wear boots in the winter for added warmth. In addition to knee high boots, ankle boots are good alternatives for more variety. Here is the look that I have created suitable for spring, fall and winter. You can wear a pair of dark wash skinny jeans, white long sleeve thermal, a tan color cardigan and a pair of high heel or flat tan color ankle boots. This is a classic and causal look that flatters a taller frame.

Flats ankle boots can be paired with skirt / dress for the summer. Ankle boots are not just for winter season and colder days, it can be wore in summer for a different but chic look. Ever wonder how to wear that very feminine tea length skirt without looking too sweet? Pair that skirt with a rough looking pair of flat ankle boots (with buckles on the side to enhance the rough look). Again, this look is more for a taller woman. It gives you that rocker chic look effortlessly.


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