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Not a question: an apology and correction to your diva charity question which I mis-read ...

I sincerely apologize. I thought you said you WERE aiming for trashy *blush* Minor changes to outfit suggestion: NO GLITTER & NO RED for Elegant Diva! Fake lashes & long nails - gems instead of glitter. *Shimmer* in eye shadow, lipstick and on cleavage. Liza Minnilli hair-do (slick to head w curls). No boa - long gloves. Keep BLING! as described. No crown unless tiara & it matches BLING! Keep the high heels and dedazzled stockings. Long dress with SOME cleavage. Please, post photos and/or a hub RE: diva charity event so I can support & please let me know you got this message.

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Debbie Carey (prektjr.dc) says

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6 years ago