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When 'modest', what do you think is meant?

In my personal opinion, I feel, 'moms' today should explain to their 'quick' to follow celebrity trends, daughter, by giving her or them, 'lady like' instructions on 'appearances' and their choices in more appropriate clothes for school, going to church or in general! Parents that care what their daughters wear, maybe you would like to comment, on how you are handling with the change of times and times of expressing themselves in the what and how they wear their clothes. and Why they do some of the things they do, in nails, hair, and piercing?


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Dave36 says

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3 years ago
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    lostohanababy 3 years ago

    Okay. In 'common' 'norm' of todays society, Dave, our kids are constantly plagued with 'temptation ' . Peer pressure. Social Media, old and new family traditions and values help to shape the minds of our kids.

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