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Antibacterial Shampoo For Smelly Scalp Syndrome

Updated on September 22, 2014

Therapro Mediceuticals Thera Rx Anti Bacterial Scalp and Skin Wash

Therapro Mediceuticals Thera Rx Anti Bacterial Scalp and Skin Wash, 12 Fluid Ounce
Therapro Mediceuticals Thera Rx Anti Bacterial Scalp and Skin Wash, 12 Fluid Ounce

Therapro thera RX antibacterial pre-shampoo treatment kills 100 types of bacteria, staph, strep, fungi and viruses.Therapro is a topical treatment for smelly hair due to fungus and bacteria.


Antibacterial Shampoo For A Smelly Scalp or Hair

Try recommending an antibacterial shampoo to a friend with smelly scalp or hair syndrome when you're not even sure they know they have it. It's uncomfortable for sure, but if you can offer help that's what friends are for.

So yes, I have a friend that was experiencing hair odor. I just assumed he wasn't washing his hair very often, but it bothered me enough to do a little research online. I was actually searching for ways to bring it up and what I found was that this is a common enough ailment that there are products devoted to remedying it. Most articles and product reviews refer to this as "Smelly Hair Syndrome". I'm sure it probably has a more scientific name than that, but I wouldn't know what it is.

In the end I simply asked my buddy "Do you know your hair smells?" and after a joke or two about why are you smelling my hair, he offered that he did and was ready to shave his head bald, but was afraid of what his head would like like. I told him I used to go out with someone that had the same problem and she used an antibacterial shampoo that took care of it. I didn't actually, but this was easier than trying to explain that I'd been playing research doctor on his behalf.

Image Credit: by: The Snarky Princess at flickr

How To Describe The Odor Of Smelly Hair Syndrome

You may become accustomed to your hairs odor, but here are some descriptions smelly hair descriptions from a Huffington Post Article by: Perry Romanowski.

Some describe it as "... stinks like a diaper." Others have compared the smell to "sour milk, wet dog, moldy hay, potatoes, an old shoe or dirty socks, a jacket that's never been to the dry cleaner, and an oily smell mixed with vomit."

There are several products available that may eliminate your smelly hair syndrome and of course if you haven't already, it's always wise to consult with a medical professional regarding any abnormal physical condition. If your hesitant or not in a position to seek professional consultation, you may want to experiment a bit on your own.

It seems whichever product you try first you will want to continue to use for at least 3-4 weeks. At it's core what you are trying to accomplish is to clean your pores and hair follicles while eliminating the bacteria that can thrive there, hence the antibacterial agents in the shampoo.

Healthy Hair Plus - Anti Fungal Shampoo

Healthy Hair Plus - Anti Fungal Shampoo - 12oz
Healthy Hair Plus - Anti Fungal Shampoo - 12oz

When using this Anti Fungal Shampoo; apply liberally and begin massaging at the roots, focus on cleansing the scalp the n work out from the roots to the ends.

Anti Fungal Kit

Deep Root Penetration

Stops Fungal Infections

Eliminates Bacteria

Repairs Damaged Hair

For more information including current pricing and availability follow the Amazon link. Image Credit: Amazon


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