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Acorn Cushioned Slippers Keep Toes Toasty on Frosty Mornings

Updated on October 12, 2013

Most slippers truly slip around on my narrow feet, making them hazards to my health, but these Acorn Booties fit well.

That provides me the stability I need when waking groggy from my night's sleep. They're the best antidote to frigid toes on cool mornings.

I've worn them for a year's worth of comfort and protection both in the early morning and relaxing in the evening. But there's no better feeling for my cold tired feet than slipping my toes inside the plush lining for a middle of the night trek from room to room.

My feet are narrow, yet these slippers don't slide around, minimizing the likelihood of tripping over too-wide shoes. Since they fit fairly close to the top of the foot they help me walk without thinking.

Some of the Acorn Bootie's Plusses

Warmly Lined - softly plush lining extends into the high collar, keeping toes and ankles warm.

Non-Slip Soles - wetproof soles make it easy to step out on a frosty walk to get the newspaper or bring in some firewood. Stepping in a spill on the kitchen floor isn't likely to cause a fall like a slick sole might hazard.

Soft Footbed - step easily on the cushioned insole.

Arch Support - high enough for most feet. If I wanted to wear slippers while on my feet for long periods I would want to insert an orthotic because I have arch problems. I wear these during morning routines and again during cold evenings, but during work periods I wear shoes.

Heel Protection - nice and soft for protecting sensitive heels and ankles. I need slippers and shoes that extend up over the heels and prefer to have my ankle bones covered to prevent injury from banging them on chairs or table legs, so these are perfect for me.

Easy Cleanup - simply brush the crumbs off or wipe up spills with damp cloth.

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More fun and facts about these slippers and how they keep me warm

Feet in Socks
Feet in Socks

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    • sousababy profile image

      sousababy 4 years ago

      Grizzly paw fur slippers would be great for Halloween too. These memory foam cushioned slippers look really comfortable.