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Antique earrings, Great Value Jewelry with Lots of Character

Updated on January 1, 2013

Buying Antique Earrings

Buying vintage or even antique earrings is very exciting to me. The thrill of finding the most beautiful pieces for a fraction of what you pay for a new item is half of the joy. Owning a unique piece of jewelry is the other half.

When you are going to buy some antique earrings you have to be a little bit careful, especially if you buy more expensive ones. You have to look through the information the seller provides really closely and see if it matches up. Sometimes they inadvertedly make little mistakes. Let's say you would have to sell some heirlooms, would you know all the particulars about those pieces? Probably not... And that's also part of the reason you can find such great deals.

Antique Earrings - 0-25$

Some very cute and affordable earrings.

More Buying Antique Advice

Sometimes you can get diamonds at 75% discount of what they would retail for! There are many good buys to be found but what you need to watch for in particular is if the jewelry is damaged. If there are missing prongs or bends that can be very bad. It will be very expensive to mend this and usually it's better to look on for you. Unless they really offer huge value.

Also ask the buyer a lot of questions about the item and if you can return it if any of the information he provides turns out to be false. For example if he claims it's 100% gold but it turns out to be gold filled or the gem is really glass. Usually they will agree to that.

If an item has been "repaired" you should inquire where they had this done and then check out this place. A jeweller is not a guarantee this has been done well and it's often buthered. If it's been repaired and you have your doubts, look on.

Antique on eBay tends to indicate items of 100 years old or older.

Look for chips and cracks in the gemstones or enamel. And any other flaws on the piece. Scratches are often repairable (although you don't always want that) but corrosion, discoloration, bumps, cracks and holes are usually impossible to mend.

With these tips in mind you should be able to do well and find a great antique earring for a fraction of it's true value. Happy hunting.

eBays Buying Tips

Antique Earrings - 25$-50$

Some classy earrings that many girls will love to wear to lift their outfit to another level.

Antique Earrings - $50-$100

Look at these classic pairs. There are some striking beauties here and you are sure to be the only one wearing these unique pairs.

Antique Earrings - $100-$500

There are some fabulous pairs on auction at this price point. Quality doesn't come cheap. Yet on eBay you can sometimes find remarkable value for your dollars and antique earrings are somewhat able to hold on to value if you are careful with them.

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