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Winged Angel Open Heart Diamond Pendant Necklace

Updated on July 4, 2014

Give The Precious Gift of A Guardian Angel Pendant Necklace

An angel heart pendant necklace says it all: a guardian angel who will always be close by, a heart for love, diamonds to say that love will last forever and the purity and simplicity of silver.

This is the pendant I've put on my Christmas wish list and I'll be gently drawing it to the attention of my husband and son. I'd love to add it to my small collection of angel jewelry, but I also wanted to share it with others looking for a gift that will remind that special person just how precious she is to you. She will wear this gift of an angel next to her heart and will always think of you - her very own guardian angel.

Lets take a closer look at this elegant pendant necklace from the Amanda Rose Collection.

The Beauty of White Diamonds

What is the meaning of diamonds? The diamond is a symbol of innocence and constancy and it augments the healing properties of other gems. It is one of the hardest stones and so has become associated with durability. Diamonds are the gift for 60th anniversaries.

This angel is adorned with six genuine diamonds weighing 0.05 carats and these round, white diamonds are natural and have not been treated. They are conflict free so the beauty of the diamond is not marred by exploitation. They have a good color (minimum J-K) and a minimum clarity of I2-I3.

Pure Silver

The angel pendant and chain are fashioned with silver. Silver is given to celebrate the 25th anniversary. The color silver speaks of modernity, balance, dignity and compassion.

The silver chain that bears this angel pendant is 183 long. The heart angel pendant is made from 925 Sterling silver.

The Perfect Gift for Christenings, Birthdays and Anniversaries

A silver angel encrusted with diamonds is the perfect gift for a christening, birthday or silver or diamond anniversaries and an everyday gift of love and appreciation. Who doesn't need a guardian angel in their life? Do you believe in angels? I do!

Angel Gifts to Compliment Your Heart Angel Pendant Necklace

A silver and diamond angel necklace is enough for anyone, but what if you would like to shower gifts and really spoil that special someone? Perhaps you have already given an angel necklace and would like to compliment it with other jewelry gifts. Or maybe you would like to suggest a choice of gifts for others to give along an angelic theme. I've selected these gifts which I think would be just perfect choices to give along with your Heart Angel.

Sterling Silver Angel Wing Drop Earrings
Sterling Silver Angel Wing Drop Earrings

Simple silver angel wing earrings will compliment your angel pendant perfectly

Sterling Silver Diamond Angel Bracelet - 7.5"
Sterling Silver Diamond Angel Bracelet - 7.5"

An angel bracelet is pretty and it's understated simplicity would dignify any occasion

10K White Gold Diamond Angel Wing Earrings (1/5 cttw)
10K White Gold Diamond Angel Wing Earrings (1/5 cttw)

Splash out on these diamond-studded angel wing earrings for special occasions. A luxurious gift that will be treasured always.


"Angels descending, bring from above,

Echoes of mercy, whispers of love."

By Fanny J. Crosby

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