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Free Appliques For Clothing Patterns

Updated on June 18, 2012

Quilt Block Applique Flower Photo


Applique - Decorative Fashion Technique

Applique is one of the fashion techniques that is used in decorative dressmaking. Although the end result always look great, the method used in designing applique is simple. Both professional and beginners to dressmaking can design and apply appliques on clothes.

Appliques on garments can have different shapes, colors and textures. It depends on the designer's imagination, appliques can be as simple or as complicated.

Having appliques on clothes does not require any artist. You can design appliques by yourself. Appliques can be made out of anything that is made of fabric.

For example, you can make or have a garland of flowers appliques on a ballgown, make a rabbit applique on a baby's suit romper or posy applique on a cushion.

You can use as many ideas of applique techniques to decorate any type of appliques on clothes and household furnishings.

Applique Styles On Clothes

  • You can use appliques as patch to cover up wears and tears on garments or furnishings
  • Use a piece of fabric to label your shirt pockets with initials
  • Use pieces of fabrics to put emblem on t-shirts
  • Keyhole appliques on clothes can be made from net, lace or transparent fabrics. You can find this type of applique designs on blouses, evening clothes and women underwear.
  • You can be a bit creative and make a plain fabric with stripes
  • Decorate cushions and bags with colorful appliques
  • Plain fabrics can also be applique with borders
  • Some plain fabric kimonos are appliqued with borders and motifs

Inspirations To use In Designing Appliques

To be able to decorate any fabric with appliques, you will need different ideas and inspirations to aid you in creating a lovely applique. You can get different inspirations from flowers, photos, paintings, letters, postcards, numbers. The inspiration list is endless. You can find them everywhere, anywhere and from anything.

You will need different colors, textures and transparent fabrics, so collect as many scraps of fabrics as you can get. After the collection, you will have to shuffle the fabrics scraps around until you get the idea for the applique design you want.

How To Sew Zigzag Appliques Video Tutorial

Appliques Tips / Pattern - How To Sew Applique

  • Use simple design ideas and translate them using appliques on clothes
  • Appliques is easy to get, and not so expensive
  • You can use your old clothes to decorate your clothes, bags, cushions
  • No special fabric required
  • Learn how to sew appliques on clothes or you can make your own pattern

What To Avoid While Using Appliques

  • Avoid stretching the applique pieces
  • When using quilt to applique, do not use stiff fabrics instead use slightly stretchy fabrics such as cottons, wools, soft wools
  • Avoid using thin fabrics to applique thicker clothes
  • Try to stitch in such a way that the stittches are not so close to avoid stiffness of the applique fabric
  • Select the best applique material and apply simple idea


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