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Aqua Socks - Water Shoes for Swimming and More

Updated on August 1, 2013

Aqua Socks - Water Shoes for Swimming, Running, and More!

What can you use aqua socks for? Most people just think of them for going to the beach, which they are awesome for of course. But did you know that aqua socks can help you do water aerobics? They are also a cheap way to try barefoot running!

Of course, not all of these water shoes are created equal. Some are better than others for different reasons. If you want a bargain shoe for example, the one to the left is popular. But if you want something a little sturdier, we'll have some examples later down on the page.

The water socks on this page have been broken into sections based on who they are for - men, women, children, and infants/toddlers. You can browse through the page, or just use the table of contents below to jump to the topic that interests you the most! Please feel free to leave any questions in the comment box towards the end of the page.

Images courtesy of Amazon unless otherwise noted. Find Aqua Socks pictured to the left here.

Aqua Socks for Men

Water Shoes as Well!

When I first started researching this article, I thought that all water shoes were called water socks. Now, it turns out, there are some very advanced models of water shoes available. These look just like regular shoes, but they are designed to go in the water. They have thicker soles and provide better protection if you intend to go among lots of sharp rocks, or if you are into more strenuous water sports.

There are also traditional aqua socks available. These are thinner soled and less expensive. They provide less protection and support, but they do protect your feet from most thing. These are also the minimalist shoes you will want to consider if you are looking for an inexpensive way to start barefoot running.

I've placed the more shoe like water shoe first, and the traditional aqua socks following. The first two shoes have the best reviews at Amazon, but I've only selected the models that have overall good reviews.

Teva Men's Churn Performance Water ShoeCHECK PRICE

Adidas Men's Jawpaw II WatershoesCHECK PRICE

Speedo Men's Surfwalker Pro All-Purpose Water ShoeCHECK PRICE

Aqua Socks for Women

In this section, I've selected the three best aqua socks for women. These are the ones that have the greatest number of good reviews over at Amazon. Most of these are available in additional colors to what you see here.

Many women also use these shoes for dance and yoga. The minimalist design can allow you to feel more of the floor, which can help in precision movements. Take a look!

Speedo Women's Beach Runner Water ShoeCHECK PRICE

Speedo Women's ZipWalker Water ShoeCHECK PRICE

Teva Women's Nilch Minimal Water ShoeCHECK PRICE

Aqua socks can be used for swimming, water aerobics, dance, yoga, and barefoot running!

Baby and Toddler Aqua Socks

It was a little harder to find baby and toddler aqua socks online. If you can't find what you are looking for at Amazon, I suggest check eBay below. You can also find them at Walmart and Target when the swimwear comes out.

Kid's Stay-Put Swim ShoesCHECK PRICE

Beach Basics Children's Water Shoe - Aqua SockCHECK PRICE

Surf Bay Toddler & Youth Girls Pink Aqua Socks Water & Beach ShoesCHECK PRICE

Aqua Socks for Kids

A lot of the aqua socks for kids will also have toddler sizes available when you click choose size. However, I've found this to be very hit and miss, and it changes frequently. I've added a few of the best selling kids aqua socks here, but be sure to check back for updates!

The Speedo brand listed first is the best reviewed, and it comes in multiple sizes and colors.

Speedo Wave Walker Zip Water Shoe (Little Kid/Big Kid)CHECK PRICE

Sand N Sun Girls Gray & Blue Aqua Socks CHECK PRICE

Sand N Sun 2 Tone Pink Girls Aqua SocksCHECK PRICE

Even More Kids Water Shoes on eBay!

I've set this section to bring up the latest auctions for kids aqua socks. Hopefully it will help you find what you are looking for!

Trying on Barefoot Aqua Shoes for Running

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Do You Wear Aqua Socks? - Or Would You Buy Them?

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    • bluelily lm profile image

      bluelily lm 4 years ago

      Yes! these are ideal for water related activities. Soft, light weight and comfortable.

    • JeffGilbert profile image

      JeffGilbert 4 years ago

      Actually I'd never heard of them, but I can see how they can come in handy in the water or at the beach. Great lens!

    • profile image

      chickie99 4 years ago

      no but my daughter loves them!