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Breaking Fashion Rules

Updated on May 2, 2017

Fashion Rules That Beg To Be Broken

By Sharon Stajda

Are you a fashion criminal ?

Are You A Fashion Criminal? Let's Face it, some fashion laws just scream to be broken, and should be. Do you break long standing traditional fashion rules or do you find yourself tempted to break fashion rules? Rules that have been around for who knows how long? Do you put little thought into breaking fashion traditions? Perhaps you are a woman that just loves to break fashion laws, and could not care less about the consequences. If you answered yes to the above questions, you're most likely a fashion criminal.

Perhaps you are a woman that finds it very hard to break some of the long standing fashion rules. Well, I hope I can change your mind. Please read on, and see if I can't convince you that some fashion law's are screaming to be broken. You may just realize you are a fashion criminal after all. It's may be time to "break free", and find your way around old-fashioned fashion traditions. In fact It may be time to break some rules, toss caution to the wind, and take some fashion liberties. Let's spice up your fashion chic, and give you your own set of rules. Let's have a look at some fashion rule that are pretty much "written in stone."

Wearing White after Labor Day

Please, think of all the fabulous winter white fashions out there! So, it's time to break out that "little white dress, and yes wear it to a winter party. Tell me, who's going to stop you from wearing white, all year round ? This old fashion rule just begs to be broken, and it has for years.


Wearing White All Year Long

f you have your having any doubts about wearing white in the winter please check out Ralph Lauren's winter collection. It is full of wonderful classic lines tailored to bring out the best of the female figure. You will also notice that "Lauren" primarily used the color white, and accessorized with soft blush lavender, dusty pinks and soft tones of gray. When it comes to winter whites, embrace the elegance that white offers, and enjoy wearing white far after Labor Day.

Can One Wear Suede in warmer weather? - Old Fashion rules dictate no, put your suede's away at the end of winter.


Shoes should always match your handbag. Break it! - Match style, not color


Suede Is Not Only For Cooler Months

Break it!

Yes suede can be worn in warmer months. However, it is wise and fashionable to wear lighter colored suede in the summer months. You can find some wonderful suede shoes, and handbags in the store in light neutral colors , also in soft pastels, and nude shades all summer long. There absolutely yummy. So add some much needed texture to your summer outfits, just by adding a bit of suede.

If you're on a budget, choose to purchase nude shades, these neutral shades will take you into fall and winter. Why not shop smart.

Mix it up!

Break it!

It's smart to match style, not color when breaking this law of fashion keep a few things in mind... Do make sure a bit of color is in both shoe, and handbag, this pulls the mixing of shoe and handbag into a pulled together look.

You don't have to match leather to leather either. For instance, you can wear a straw sandal with a great leather or even canvas tote - even suede will work. Play with your materials, mix it up a bit, you will be surprised at the great looks you can create. A look that is yours alone.

Layering Your Metals With Pearls And Gems - Yes break it!


They Look So Cute "Not" !


Layering Your Metals With Pearls And Gems - Yes break the old rule

Break It!

Layer your metals, layer necklaces, and bracelets, even add glitz to the mix, you will love the look - I promise.

The latest trend in jewelry is funky, chunky, and looks like it came from a pirate's hidden loot . When searching for such adornments, focus on a mix of chains, pearls, charms, and also anything from the sea, that underwater influences can make a big statement. The chunkier, the better.

"Oops I Did It Again"

Let's face it, we all purchase thing's, get them home and in the reflection of our own mirrors say , "what was I thinking".

Fashion Mistakes - Plus Some Good Alternative Solutions

At one time or another we all make fashion mistakes. However, it's never to late to turn your fashion flops, into fashion forward chic statement outfits. Just below I have listed some great solutions to some of the worst fashion catastrophes. Fashion catastrophes that you might not even realize you are committing.

The Over Sized Tunic Top


Learn What Style Tunic Best Fits Your Body Type

"Is she pregnant or just smuggling who knows what underneath all of that tunic ?"

Let's have a look at the popular over sized tunic top. From the smallest figure to plus-sized ladies, oversized tunic tops tend to leave a lot to the imagination. Be careful when buying a tunic top.

Need a Fix? Try an empire waist top, this style can go a long way to accentuate your assets, yet remain comfortable. Another solution, cinch in your tunic at the waist with a great belt . You may be pleasantly surprised, by cinching the waistline you will look shapely, and still cover parts, that you prefer to keep covered.

Want to appear thinner? Think boot cute trousers or jeans


Wide Leg Trousers - Make Sure Of The Look And Fit.

The Huge Wide Leg Trousers, every woman can't pull it off. Try A Classic Boot Cut, this cut is very slimming and looks good on most body types.

To start, there are a few blessed women who can pull off the huge legged pant with successes. The rest of us are left behind, looking shorter, heavier, and somewhat shapeless.

Solution: To pull off the look of a wide-leg pant, try a better fitting pair of pants with a 'Bootcut or straight leg. The 'Boot' cut pant is a bit wider at the bottom, but do not carry all the extra fabric at the legs, a boot cut has a straighter look, and tends to give a slimming look to most figures, as does a well fitted straight legged trouser.

Hope You'll Take My Poll ...


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Let's Talk Leggings - "legging leaves little to the imagination"


The Sexy Plunging Necklines


Leggings - They Just Are Not For Everyone

Leggings are comfortable, and can be worn with lots of different types of tops, but the tight design of a legging leaves little to the imagination. Leggings can actually exaggerate cellulite ripples, and just about any other flaw that one might want to hide. Oh and let us not forget they frequently make ones behind appear twice as wide.

Want a fast fix: Leggings are wonderful looking with shirts that are long enough to hide potential problem areas. Well fitting Tunics or long cardigans are a good choice to wear with a legging, both of which cover the backside.

The Plunging Neckline

Plunging necklines have been around for a long time, and aren't going anywhere anytime to soon. Sometimes the plunging neckline can be cut too low for comfort. An accidental slip is all you need to find yourself exposed to all in eye - shot.

So sexy - Don't throw out your tantalizing sexy top's just add a perfectly-matching camisole to the mix, and you're good to go. It's fun to be sexy, but keep it real without revealing too much skin. Stay sexy yet comfortable too.

Big Scarves


Long Flowing Maxi Dresses. Do you have the right figure to pull off a Maxi?


The Big Oversized Scarf

Seriously, scarves' that are twice the size of your body just won't do. NOT cute, not cute at all.

Want your neckline noticed? Add a wonderful piece of jewelry instead of a scruffy wrinkled scarf. The ethnic scarf fad is so on its way out. Not to say that a scarves will not be around forever, the wonderful smaller more traditional scarves are here to stay. Furthermore, look fabulous when worn in a more traditional chic way.

The Maxi Dress

Many women think that a long flowing maxi dresses is a perfect solution to a too short revealing mini dresses. Unfortunately in reality the shape and length of most maxi dresses just aren't flattering to all women's figure, and tend to hide more positives features, than conceal negatives features.

Fast fix: If you have a figure that just is not made for a Maxi dress, opt for an in-between length dress that stops somewhere between your knee and your calf. I think you will be pleased with how this length will flatter your shape. The empire waist dress is also a good choice, and is very slimming on most figures.

Love The Sequins? Don't give them up, thing sparkle not glitter.


The Disco Look Went Out Long Ago

Disco is long dead, so let's let it "rest in peace"! The sequins in your wardrobe must be weeded out. Yes, it's time to do away with your disco-wear.

However, if you love sparkle, actually need it. A few embellishments here and there are always acceptable, but try to stick to more of a subdued look, colors and fabrics with just a bit of sparkle . A wonderful cardigan set with some small seed pearls. A fabric with a bit of sparkle such as the blazer in the photo can add a whisper to your look, not a shout. Choose a soft fabric with, such as satin.

The fashion's that "shout" are not the trend, so get rid of the flash...

The Freanh Felt Beret



"Ooh la' la!" those who dared to wear the French beret this year will probably hear faint snickers and giggles as they pass by. A true Frenchman, and the very young may be able to carry off this look. However, the French and the very young can get away with a lot more due to actually being French, and or young.

Want an alternative: You can't go wrong with a stylish on trend Coche styled hat. If fashion is your main reason for wearing a hat, consider a Cloche, it make a great statement, and look good on most shaped heads.

This simple basic cloche hat comes in many other colors, and is very affordable.


Just Curious?

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