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Argyle School Bags for Tweens and Teens

Updated on February 1, 2013

Tween School Bag Choices....

Tween fashion is tricky, as there can be some funky choices on the parts of our tween kids, and there is a pulling away from the childhood favorite characters, which makes us uncertain, as parents, what will be accepted, rejected, or just ignored. I've shaken my head on several occasions at the clothes my tween girls have selected, and have learned the hard way that Barbie is a big no-no!

Argyle is fun, and has come and gone through the years! It was a big hit during the "Preppy" trend of the 80's, and has made a resurgence in some of the backpack and school bag styles on the market. Argyle is pretty, when it comes to school bags for girls, and combined with solid colors, quite striking. If your tween likes patterns and colors, argyle school bags are perfect...just make sure that your tween has a say in the selection of a backpack or book bag, so you don't end up trying to Ebay it later!

High Sierra Backpack in Purple Argyle

Also available in solid colors for boys and girls, and unisex designs...this style works for a wide range of ages and needs.

High Sierra Fat Boy Backpack, Purple Argyle /White/ Amethyst
High Sierra Fat Boy Backpack, Purple Argyle /White/ Amethyst

This backpack is great for a middle school girl who loves purples, and the argyle pattern is tasteful, not obnoxious. There are several compartments, including a large central compartment for books, and two outer zippered compartment areas for other materials, including pens, pencils, math tools, and lunch money.

Be sure to help your middle school student to work on organizational skills, as this is one of the biggest challenges with tween school bags. Often, the student is in a rush to pack things into the school bag and hurry on to the next class, taking little time to store papers and materials neatly. By the time it's time to work on homework, papers are misplaced, damaged, or forgotten. Work on organizational skills with your tween, to assure a good school year.


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If you are shopping for a tween school bag...

Tween School Bags and Academic Success

High Sierra Swerve Backpack in Purple Argyle

Also available in plaids, solids, and unisex colors and designs.

High Sierra Swerve Backpack, Amethyst/ Purple Argyle/ Charc
High Sierra Swerve Backpack, Amethyst/ Purple Argyle/ Charc

This pack is somewhat bigger, with multiple compartments, a great choice in tween school bags for the purpose of establishing some organizational habits. A padded compartment provides protection for a computer, and while most middle school students don't need to carry a computer, it can be useful for any family trips on which electonics would be brought along: dvd players, iPods, video games. If your tween does have a netbook or laptop computer, it is imperative that you set some ground rules for taking that, or any other expensive electronic devices to school, as the opportunity for theft is a real possibility.


High Sierra Rupert Backpack in Purple Argyle

Also available in unisex color patterns.

High Sierra Rupert Backpack, Purple Argyle
High Sierra Rupert Backpack, Purple Argyle

This multi-compartment backpack can handle a 17" laptop, though I don't recommend that size computer for a tween. My own 17" laptop is awkward for my children in that age range to handle. Nevertheless, as your tween moves into middle school, the number of large books, along with notebooks and other supplies, makes this an ideal sized school bag. Further, the more rectangular backpack is easier to organize, as materials can fit rather evenly, not being shoved, but organized vertically.


High Sierra Tank Messenger Bags for Tweens and Teens

Available in many solids, plaids, and unisex patterns, as well.

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