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Basic Tips on Arm Liposuction

Updated on April 3, 2010
arm liposuction
arm liposuction

Utilize the service of a licensed and skilled surgeon

Arm liposuction is a procedure which involves the removal of excess fats from the arm area to reduce sagging arms. There are two general ways to perform this, the tumescent method and the laser-assisted technology. The latter is a more preferred method because it is less invasive and the after effects of the surgery such as pain and inflammation are less than the tumescent method.

Here are some basic tips on arm liposuction:

1. Before deciding to undergo this procedure, one must go through proper screening to determine if you are fit for the procedure. You should never withhold any medical-related information such as health problems, medical history, pathologic conditions or if you have had any surgical procedures. Some common conditions that must be duly noted are diabetes, hypertension and cardiovascular disorders.

2. Utilize the service of a licensed and skilled surgeon. Because arm liposuction is a lucrative way of earning, there is the threat of unlicensed practitioners out to earn a buck. Make sure that the person to perform the procedure has all required medical qualifications.

3. Determine which of the 2 methods you’d be most comfortable with, with regards to cost and procedure.

4. Although pain and inflammation are common and expected side effects, consult your surgeon immediately if these conditions continue for a prolonged time. At the most, recovery is usually within three weeks. If there are further side effects like bruising, and bleeding, see your surgeon immediately.

5. Having arm liposuction does not mean that you no longer need to maintain a healthy diet or prevent fat formation. If you don’t watch your diet, fat in the arms can easily recur. Although you could always undergo arm liposuction again, repeated surgery can lead to complications and is not very advisable.

6. Arm liposuction is more common in women. Most men prefer broad, big arms as a sign of masculinity and strength. Women on the other hand prefer slender arms as it portrays a more feminine and leaner look. Most women after undergoing the procedure tend to become more confident when wearing sleeveless blouses and dresses. It is also important however, to never overdo the procedure or make the arms look abnormally thinner as compared to the rest of your body.

7. Arm liposuction though a type of general liposuction is less complicated than abdominal liposuction. Abdominal liposuction has more detailed screening procedures and tends to have more complications than with arm liposuction.

8. Whether the surgeon uses local or general anesthesia, any candidate must first be tested for allergic reactions to the type of anesthetic to be used. In most arm liposuction procedures, a simple local anesthetic is used.

9. Follow "post-surgical" instructions to ensure healthy recovery. Do not carry heavy objects immediately nor engage in strenuous activities until your surgeon says it is safe enough for you to do so. It is always better to play it safe than regret later, when complications occur.

10. You must know the difference between arm liposuction and abdominal liposuction. Arm liposuction has fewer complications than abdominal liposuction. You can undergo arm liposuction procedure with ease, but abdominal liposuction is different from it and the screening procedures are different. Abdominal liposuction has more complications.

Know the basic facts about arm liposuction and be aware of what the procedure entails.


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