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Arm Liposuction: One Of The Most Performed Cosmetic Surgeries

Updated on April 3, 2010

Arm Liposuction - Process of Removing Excess Fat Accumulated in One’s Arm

Want to look slim and sexy in an instant especially if those bulging arms of yours always ruin your date? Are you tired of wearing loose shirts just to hide your big fat arm? Then worry no more because nowadays, you can wear your tight shirts in an instant, you can wear sleeveless dresses without feeling anxious because of those bulging arms. All this is possible because of arm liposuction. This cosmetic procedure which is one of the most performed procedures in the world of cosmetic surgery is now available as a way to make one’s dream come true.

Arm Liposuction is the process of removing excess fat accumulated in one’s arm. Its main goal for females is for them to make their arm proportional to their body size. That is the reason why a lot of women want to try this procedure because aside from the fact that it contributes to ones beauty and confidence, this can be done in an outpatient basis especially if the patient has no serious medical condition. The whole procedure would take only around 2 hours. But a compression band must be worn for few days for best results. Therefore, it doesn’t compromise your valuable time particularly if you have a hectic schedule.

How is Arm Liposuction performed? *

  • Arm Liposuction is performed using a local anesthesia, therefore tolerable amount of pain can be felt by the patient while the procedure is going on. A small incision is made by your doctor most commonly above your elbow or sometimes in armpit crease. There is an apparatus that would be inserted on the site of incision and break up fat deposits on the desired area. This unwanted fat deposit is suctioned using a high pressure vacuum.
  • Limitations and Risk factors of Arm Liposuction

This cosmetic procedure also has limitations and in some cases, there is a need to have follow up surgery. Examples of these complications are numbness on the site arm that undergone the procedure, scarring and discoloration. Serious complications of arm liposuction may lead to severe infection, embolism, blood clots and shock due to loss of fluids. Other patients experience bruising but should can disappear 10 days after the procedure. So be sure to follow the instructions of your clinician to avoid these circumstances.

  • Benefits of Arm Liposuction

The first benefit of arm liposuction is to make women look sexier with slim arms. Loss of weight is also one of its benefits. Another is that it can decrease the risk of heart disease, certain types of cancers and even diabetes.

  • Cost of liposuction

Usually liposuctions costs at about $2000 to $10000. But if budget becomes the hindrance for your liposuction dream then arm liposuction financing is the best option. Application for liposuction financing can be done online.

There you have it! A complete discussion of arm liposuction that will surely help you decide whether to continue with the procedure or not. This might be the answer for your questions on how to lose weight and at the same time make your arms look proportional to your body shape.


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