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Arm Liposuction: the Wonder of Technology

Updated on April 3, 2010
arm liposuction
arm liposuction

Arm liposuction is a good alternative for obese women and for those looking to be more confident about their bodies

Every year more and more new and amazing gadgets are introduced to the public.  These gadgets range from the latest cell phones to the most advanced automation technology in the medical field.  Every problem seems to have a gadget to solve it.  It is no wonder then that even problems regarding physique has a corresponding solution. Since a person’s arm is one of the body parts that stores fat, it is more prone to fat deposits which can be more visibly noticed.  Eradicating this problem is now made possible and easier with the wonderful technology of arm liposuction.

Techniques and technology in arm liposuction
  • Arm liposuction technology involves the use of a sterile, stainless steel tube inserted into the fat deposit. The tube is then made to suck fat out of the arm and undesired areas. Sometimes a solution is injected to allow easy vacuuming of the fats from the arms. In some cases, arm liposuction may have to be done with surgery, but this is only performed when necessary.  During the previous decade arm liposuction was unheard of, but now it is widely known and women and men alike have taken a great liking to it.  Naturally, women being more beauty-conscious were those who readily accepted the procedure of undergoing medical procedures to beautify themselves.
  • Tumescent technology

With this type of procedure, rather than requiring general anesthesia, a local anesthesia is applied prior to making the incision. This is usually done in the folds of the arms to conceal it. The tube is inserted into the incision and directed to the fat deposits where it makes the area tumescent or swollen.  The vacuum then sucks the liquefied fat from the body through the machine. The side effects are pain and swelling, but only for a few days.

  • Laser or Ultrasonic –assisted technology

This is one of the most recent discoveries in arm liposuction. It is less invasive and involves less blood. Instead of applying a steel cannula, the laser will help in warming up the fats thereby breaking them down into a liquid form. The fat is then easily suctioned out from the body.  This method is also less traumatic and can easily be performed.

The laser-assisted technology is fast gaining popularity as the best alternative method for arm liposuction.  It is now widely used by surgeons not only for arm liposuction but for other surgical procedures as well.  Its side effects are the same as the Tumescent Technology, only it is less pronounced and quickly heals because of the nature of the surgery.

Arm liposuction is a good alternative for obese women and for those looking to be more confident about their bodies. If you are uncomfortable with those flabby, sagging arms, do not hesitate to have them trimmed.  It pays to be healthy and beautiful.

The wonder of technology will keep us in awe for centuries to come. Who knows if this laser treatment for arm liposuction may develop into a machine that could one day remove fats simply by subjecting them to cell phone or PC radiation?  Modern technology has brought us wonders that have made our lives easier and less complicated.


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