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Ashley Graham

Updated on April 14, 2014

Beauty and Distinction

Ashley Graham has been modeling since she was thirteen when she was discovered at a mall. She has lived in New York City -- the fashion mecca for the U.S -- since she became a full-time model at seventeen. Currently, she is signed with Ford's plus division which one of the biggest modelling agencies in the world.

The Nebraskan born model has been featured in ad campaigns for Macy's, Nordstrom, Bloomingdale's, Evans, American Apparel, Target, Old Navy, Kiyonna, Levi's, Liz Claiborne, Marina Rinaldi, Lane Bryant (for 5 years), and for the last three years she has graced the ads of Addition-Elle including television spots. That does not even include the fashion work she has done for magazines like Vogue, Latina, and Glamour.

Now in her early twenties, she is a super model on the rise and extremely in demand but somehow finds the time to be a philanthropist with organizations like Fighting Aids in Africa which works to help children in South Africa. In 2010, she became Ashley Graham Ervin when she married videographer Justin Ervin on August 14, 2010.

Ashley has been quietly making a name for herself in the modeling industry until the fateful day she appeared in a Lane Bryant lingerie commercial that ABC and Fox allegedly refused to air because they felt it was too racy for their viewers (you can view it below if you have not seen it yet or need a refresher) -- unlike all the Victoria Secret ads they already aired. This led to a huge media storm that brought Ashley's image into the forefront making her a new fan favorite in the plus size community which was desperately looking for a replacement goddess for Crystal Renn.

Citation: Ashley Graham image copyright Cacique, Lane Bryant.

Sneak Peek at Ashley's New Line - Images courtesy of Addition-Elle

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Ashley Graham Poll

Ashley Graham Poll

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Ashley Graham for Addition-Elle - She's a Showstopper Alright

Be a Showstopper with Addition-Elle bra and panty line.

A ShowStopper by Addition-Elle - Take a peek at latest Lookbook

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The latest collection of bras and panties featuring Ashley Graham.
The latest collection of bras and panties featuring Ashley Graham.
The latest collection of bras and panties featuring Ashley Graham.

Ashley Graham for Addition-Elle Denim

Ashley Graham for Addition-Elle Denim
Ashley Graham for Addition-Elle Denim

Basic Model Stats for Ashley Graham

A woman's stats fluctuate but Ashley is commonly known for being:

* Size: 16

* Height: 5' 9"

* Bust: 38DD

* Waist: 32"

* Hips: 47"

The Lane Bryant Cacique Commercial - Featuring Ashley Graham in Cacique

On Lane Bryant Commercial Brouhaha

"It's a bit prejudiced. I mean, the Victoria's Secret girls can flounce around in their panties all day long, But when there's a bigger woman, with a little bit extra, they snip it out immediately. Honestly, it's sad. It's sad to me. I feel sad for all the women that are plus-sized. I think the majority of women in America are my size, 12, 14, 16 and they want to see themselves on television, they want to see themselves being beautiful in a bra and underwear."

~ Ashley Graham

5 Things I Love About Ashley Graham

She is a model by profession so of course I have to mention the obvious -- she is drop dead gorgeous from head to toe.

  1. Her luscious brown locks -- she makes hair sexy.
  2. Her bedroom eyes.
  3. Her captivating smile -- holy pearly whites Batman!
  4. Healthy looking skin.
  5. And her curves, of course.

Ashley Behind the Camera

Ashley Behind the Camera

Follow Ashley on Instagram!

Ashley now has an Instagram account. Follow Ashley on Instagram.

Ashley Graham for Addition-Elle Bras

Ashley Graham for Addition-Elle Bras
Ashley Graham for Addition-Elle Bras

Thank you for stopping by my lens. Please leave a warm fuzzy before you go. Things to consider mention:

* When you first knew who Ashley Graham was.

* Why you like this model.

* Whether you would like to see more ads with her in them.

* What clothing have you bought because of the ads featuring her.

* What would you like to ask Ashley if you ever met her?

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    • Adventuretravels profile image

      Giovanna Sanguinetti 3 years ago from Perth UK

      She's certainly a very beautiful woman. I love her look and her vibe, and I love her Freddy Mercury smile!! Her slightly goofy teeth give her an edge! She's a beauty - an inspiration for all young + size girls. I'd never seen her before. Nice Hub.