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Asian Symbol Tattoos on young girls

Updated on October 10, 2011

Stupid idea or link to Spirituality?

In these modern times you often see young girls around the streets and shopping centres with Asian Symbols tattooed on the back of their necks or their legs or ankles. Why do they do this and why do they have an obsession with Asian symbols.

Lets look at a few facts, firstly we are in Australia and nobody I have met that is an Aussie has been able to read or speak chinese or japanese for that matter apart from the chinese or japanese themselves. So how do you know what the symbols say, are you just taking the word of the tatooist?? Japanese tatoos have historically been associated with the Yakuza, or japanese mafia, a ruthless bunch of murderers.

There have been many recorded instances of some foolish youth having asian symbols tattooed on them only to find out later that it says something like "I eat dog shit"!! or "I am a white dog"!

The other question I would like to ask is why do they choose asian symbols, do the youth of today think these symbols have some spritual meaning or some sort of affinity with world peace? How could they possibly be naïve anough to think this way, after all the japanese were responsible for slaughtering tens of thousands of chinese in an ethnic purging flurry just prior to the second world war, not to mention what they did to Australians in the Second World war.

The japanese are a brutal race still, known for senselessly slaughtering whales off our coast they are also well known for eating just about anything, including endangered species alive or dead. The chinese are renowned for executing thousands of people each week and are notorious for trampling over human rights, the North Koreans are the same as are Indonesians and the Vietnamese, there is not an Asian race in this world who has not been guilty of some sort of violent atrocity so why use asian symbols?

I saw a girl in McDonalds the other day about 25 years old with Asian symbols tattooed down the back of her neck, curious, I asked her what it said, she replied "Son and Daughter". I asked her why she had it done in an asian language and she replied, "It is shorter so it fits". I then said to her, "Do you realise nobody can read it"? She just laughed so I asked her how she knew it said what she thought and she replied, "I researched it". I suppose she wanted to sound intelligent rather than be proved a total idiot!

Also be advised, if you do decide to get an asian symbol tattooed on your body take a trusted interpereter with you to ensure your tattoo is correct, some suggestions. If you have a japanese tattoo try "We slaughter defenceless whales" or if chinese "we execute our own people at over a 1000 a week, or Thai, "we are a ruthless and corrupt nation and we hate westerners", or Timorese, "we slaughter foreign journalists"

Ring your friends and tell them about your tatts on this-


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    • profile image

      Ag 5 years ago

      Let me correct a line in there for you...

      "there is not an Asian race in this world who has not been guilty of some sort of violent atrocity"

      should be...

      "there is not A RACE in this world who has not been guilty of some sort of violent atrocity"

      don't point fingers, we're ALL human.