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Atlanta Falcons Pandora Charms

Updated on September 26, 2014

Atlanta Falcons Pandora Beads

This page is for Falcons fans everywhere. In and around Atlanta and all over the world. These Atlanta Falcons Pandora Charms are the perfect gift for the Falcons fan in your life. Pandora Bracelets are all the craze right now and what better opportunity to support your Dirty Birds than with some Jewelry. I have looked all over for the best of these charms and here they are. As more become available, I will add them here, so if you are a Falcon, check back.

We know that the Atlanta Falcons have been a powerhouse team through out the regular season for a while now but just can't seem to get over the playoff hump. That doesn't stop us from cheering for them. From Roddy and Julio to Matty Ice. We will back our bird to the end. Still looking for that ring. The ultimate Falcon Jewelry.


Falcons Pandora Charms

Falcons Pandora Bracelet Charms

Here is the collection of dangling Atlanta Falcons Pandora charms. Just like the charm bracelets of old, these charms can make the noise and get the attention of anyone around. Get one or get the whole collection. One bracelet all Falcons would be so cool. Talk about a conversation piece. Maybe that is for game day only, but get one of these Pandora Atlanta Falcons charms to add to your bracelet so those that see it will know that you are a a Falcons fan and that you back your birds.

Whether we end up in the new stadium or if Gonzales plays another year, you are still a fan. Even after we get the ring we have been working for for so long, you will still be a fan, possibly the biggest fan. Well except for those guys who paint themselves in freezing weather, but other than that...

Get the Falcon or the helmet charm to go straight team. Look at the heart falcon charm or the circle for a little more bling on the arm. They are all great. The best part? These charms are inexpensive coming in under 20 bucks. That means you can add more that one to your bracelet or get on for a necklace and a bracelet. I don't know how long these will be available, so don't hesitate Falcons fans, get yours now.

Atlanta Falcons Charm with Connector 

Atlanta Falcons Pandora Charms

Falcons Pandora Bead

Start with the best Falcons Pandora charm. This one has the Falcon on one side and the word Atlanta Falcons on the other. This is the best of these charms in my opinion and if you are planning on making a Falcons Pandora bracelet, then this is the one you want to start with. Sterling silver and sharp as a tack. The logo jumps on this charm and will make it clear to anyone looking what team you represent. This charm won't hurt the color scheme of any bracelet that already has a color style. So if pink is her color, then this charm will still go. Grab one for your charm bracelet and support those Birds.

ATL Falcons Pandora Charms

ATL Falcons Pandora Charms

Need to add some color to your Pandora bracelet? These are the Falcons colors that I found for your charm bracelet. Grab a Falcons charm from above and the make the color scheme the red and black that is the Atlanta Falcons. Freddy the Falcon himself would be proud of you. Everyone who sees you Falcons flavor Pandora charm bracelet is going to love it. Unless we beat the crap out of their team or if they are a Saints fan. In either case, you won't find the love. just the jealousy. So grab one or all of these red and black Falcon color scheme beads for your bracelet and get some team color going on that bracelet. Atlanta Falcons Pandora Charms and Beads for the True Falcons Fans. Rise Up!

Atlanta Falcons Football Pandora Charm

Atlanta Falcons Football Pandora Bead

Making that bracelet all about those birds? Check out this sterling silver football helmet to add to your bracelet. This one has the most detail of all that I looked at. I checked all the Helmet and football charms I could find and these were the best over all considering price and quality.

So as a Falcons fan, you can add one or both of these to say you don't care about running bases or dribbling, you have no time for games played with sticks or in a swimsuit. You don't find any excitement in watching a bunch of skating or any other pointless activity unless it includes helmets and a pigskin along with a bunch of guys giving everything they have to take it from each other. shuttle passes and hail Mary passes. Laterals and 50 yard field goal. Pick 6 like you threw it to him on purpose, rushing 6 on a killer blitz and sacks, sack and more sacks. A quarterback that wants to call his mommy at half time because the defense is picking on him. FOOTBALL. You are a football fan, a Falcons Football fan, so add in a football or a helmet to your charm bracelet

Falcons fans are loyal and never ending. If you are an Atlanta Falcons Fan or if you like the Atlanta Falcons Pandora charms, then let us hear you.

Dirty Birds Sound Off

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      VeritasIncAtlanta 4 years ago

      These are cool! Do you have Atlanta Braves gear as well??