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Avoid Raw Sore Cut Skin Shaving - Right Shave Cream Brushes, Heal Cuts

Updated on January 14, 2015

Introduction - No More Irritation and Heal Razor Cuts Fast

For years my skin hurt when I shaved. I thought there was no way to avoid this. I figured using a razor against skin simply caused rawness. I mistakenly thought that there was no way to prevent razor burn and no way to heal razor burn. It wasn't as though I was shaving without water. A shave without water would be too obvious. There must be something else.

It wasn't until later in life I realized that I was shaving wrong. My technique was causing a lot of cuts on my skin and soreness.

These ideas might not work for everyone, but it did for me. There are ways to get rid of razor burn and prevent it. This article should help you to avoid raw sore skin (and cuts) when shaving. These are real simple and basic ideas.

Make Sure You Are Using a Sharp Razor

All those twin blades, triple blades, high end disposable razors are great when they are sharp but when they go dull, that is when you'll get cut and sore.

Sounds counter intuitive right? Dull blades cause bleeding and pain? They really do. Sharp blades manage to cut the whiskers with fewer strokes and closer to the skin without damage. Dull blades simply pull on the whiskers causing irritation. Dull blades also require more 'touch up' strokes to the skin to get the whiskers you missed. Use a sharp razor

How About Shaving Cream ?

If you have sensitive skin, use shaving creams that have the soothing aloe and other ingredients. I prefer shaving creams like Edge gel, etc as they seem to help. I do also have an odd ball concoction that I use every so often also. It really helps the razor to glide over my skin. Warning though, this method might not be the greatest for people with skin with pores that clog easily. It involves baby oil

A Shaving Gel / Cream Blend With Baby Oil? Really?

Yeah, I don't do this all the time but it really works to prevent facial irritation and shaving cuts in advance. You can actually combo shaving cream and baby oil and make a really slick and smooth shaving gel/cream. You can even skip the cream and just use the baby oil. I have a basic home remedy that is simple to make. I linked the article below. You'll learn how to make a shaving lotion that really keep the skin smooth and comfortable.

Shaving Gel / Baby Oil Recipe

This isn't exactly rocket science but I did a brief post on this shaving gel concoction that will give you a super slick shave. It prevents razor burn and helps lubricate the skin to avoid cuts. Check it out on my website by clicking the link below.

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Shave in The Right Direction THEN the Wrong direction

It turns out that my whiskers grow long and downward. They don't exactly stand up well. For years I found that shaving in a downward motion simply did not work so I only shaved in an upward motion. Ouch! Shaving upward first is a sure fire way to really tug and pull on whiskers and irritate the skin.

No matter how poorly shaving 'down' works for you, always do it first. Lather up and then shave down. You won't get a close shave but trust me, do it. Then reapply the shaving cream. Reapply, hear that? Put another lather of shaving cream on, then shave in upward strokes if you need to get rid of stubborn whiskers. It is a lot easier on your skin this way.

How to Get Whiskers to Stand up For Better Shave

Ah.... I feel so old fashioned here but use a shaving brush and mug. Get a bar of shaving soap too. You won't get as good of a lather as shaving cream you apply by hand but this is deceptive. Applying soap (or even cream) with a shaving brush will really help your whiskers to stand up, as well as soften up on your face. It will make the razor more productive.

Best Way to Use Shaving Mug, Soap and Brush

Learn to use a shaving mug in just a few steps. I linked an article on the best way to use this old fashioned way of shaving below. You'll be looking great in no time!

Heal a Shaving Cut That Won't Stop Bleeding

If you have a shaving cut that just won't heal, there is a way to fix it quick. Shaving cuts, especially when you are trying to head out to work or a fun night on the town can be a real drag. They just keep bleeding and bleeding. How do you stop the blood from a shaving cut? Try using a styptic pencil.

Ever see one? It looks like a piece of chalk but it is not chalk. You dab this on the cut and it stops the blood really fast.

How to Use a Styptic Pencil

You can get a styptic pencil at any drug store in the shaving section. They are easy to use. Stings a bit at first, but stops the blood fast. I linked an article below on how to use a styptic pencil. Check it out.

Even More Info on Styptic Pencils

If after checking out my post above you still haven't had enough, click any of the Amazon links below and be directed to their website. You'll be able to see more images of styptic pencils. Very inexpensive and they really do work. Its pretty amazing. Stings for a second but the bleeding also stops in a second.

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I Hope This Gives You A More Comfortable Shave

Thanks for stopping by my "Avoid Raw Sore Cut Skin Shaving - Right Shave Cream Brushes, Heal Cuts" (quite a mouthful for a title, I know, I know) article. If you get a chance, please check out some of my other posts. Feel free to comment below. Would love to hear from you.

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