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Awesome Hoodies For Guys

Updated on January 25, 2012

Looking For Some Awesome Hoodies For Guys?

You can spend hours online trying to find awesome hoodies and still end up getting nowhere. Luckily, you've found this page that's dedicated to bringing you only the sweetest of the sweet hoodies for all you dudes out there.

These are just a few of my very favorites out of my own collection that I figured others might be interested in. Why? Well, 'cause they're cheap, fit well and look totally badass. Sure, you might not love all of them, but there's gotta be something that suits your style hidden among my list!

Anyway, whatever you're into, whether that's music, skating or bboying, you've gotta look the part. I mean, you're only young once, so why not make yourself look awesome while you can? With these hoodies, you're gonna make heads turn, and hopefully most of those heads will belong to cute girls. Unless, of course, you're not into girls. In which case, these hoodies will still work wonders on reeling in the boys.

But anyway! Whatever you're looking to achieve by getting your style on, these are the threads to get you there.

What's your favorite kinda' hoody?

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Kr3w Champion Hoody Baby Blue
Kr3w Champion Hoody Baby Blue

Kr3w Champion Hoody in Baby Blue

You can't really go wrong with that awesome baby blue on white color scheme, which is exactly why this Kr3w hoody works so well. Sure, it's pretty simple, but that's all part of the charm. Besides, hoodies with huge graphic on them look majorly lame anyway, this is just the right amount of emblem goodness.

Fit-wise, this is a little more roomy and gives you that huggable look that all the ladies will immediately fall in love with, so prepare to be tackle hugged to the ground on an epic scale. This awesome hoody is also pretty thick, so when you're feeling a little chilly this is the ideal weapon of choice to just throw on and look stylin' in in the process.

This is one of my personal favorite hoodies for just lounging around the house in because it's just so damn comfy, so if you like soft stuff, you gotta pick yourself a Kr3w hoody up.

RVCA Hoody = Gnarly Goodness
RVCA Hoody = Gnarly Goodness

RVCA Castro Hoody In Two Tone

Now, if you're into more of a rustic look with your styling, this RVCA two-tone hoody could be just the thing. With that brown torso with slate arms, you've got yourself a sweet looking color combination that's sure to look amazing underneath a worn leather jacket with some shredded skinny jeans.

If you're the type of dude that likes to look a little rugged, doesn't shave every day and might not get a haircut all too often, this hoody is gonna compliment your badassery just perfectly. It just screams IDGAF.

This hoody's not actually as thin as others, which makes it perfect for those warm evenings when you're just chilling with friends over a couple of brewskis. So if you like to keep things simple and don't really dig the huge obnoxious graphic look, then this awesome hoody could be just the thing your wardrobe is missing.

Your To-Do List!

1. buy a new hoody

2. buy a new hoody

3. buy a new hoody

4. buy a new hoody

5. drink plenty of water

6. buy a new hoody

Superman Hoody
Superman Hoody

Superman College Jacket / Hoody

Now, usually these Superman clothes look pretty lame, but this sweet little hoody is actually not so bad. In fact, it's pretty frickin' awesome. Usually, you see these logo hoodies as just block color, boring hoodies that are only expensive because of the little S logo, but this hoody's got a little more to it in the way of styling.

The grey on red is a really cool little touch that gives it that retro college jacket look, so with the right pair of jeans and some high-top dunks, this has the makings of an awesome little outfit.

The hoody itself is pretty thick, so you're definitely gonna be nice and toasty wearing this, which is perfect for those chilly nights out in town. Another bonues of this awesome hoody is that people might actually mistake you for Superman! Well, it could happen. But that's unlikely. Unless you bench, like, 300 pounds.

Pick Up This Superman Hoody Cheap!

DC Comics Superman Varsity Button-Up Hoodie 2XL
DC Comics Superman Varsity Button-Up Hoodie 2XL

This is another great deal that I've found on Amazon. Seriously, when you're buying something that you don't really need to try on like a hoody, Amazon have the best prices around. If you want it, make sure you buy it through this link to save yourself some dough.

RVCA Hoody = Gnarly Goodness
RVCA Hoody = Gnarly Goodness

Ruca Horizontal Stripe Hoody

This is the second awesome RVCA hoody to make my list of awesome hoodies, but why all the RVCA love? Well, they just look epic. That's all.

This is another success in design by RVCA, with that badass neckline that shows off your manly chest a little, whilst the hoody itself fits like an absolute dream. This is one of those hoodies that will look good with just about anything and has the potential to be mixed and matched with loads of your current clothes.

With that trademark RVCA simplistic and rustic design, this hoody is once again going to look epic crossed with some good fitting black jeans and a set of classic Vans. Or, if you're feeling a little more dressy, you could wear a suit jacket over the top and rock some slim chinos for the ultimate in rockstar formal.

This hoody is gonna last you forever and get you some serious attention, so if you like a hoody that fits well and makes you look like Brad Pitt in fight club, you've gotta pick this bad boy up today.

to buy a hoody or not to buy a hoody?

Aviator Hoody
Aviator Hoody

Aviator Red Eye Hoody

Although this hoody is pretty simple, it's once again one of my very favorites purely because of how well it fits. These days, it's pretty difficult to actually find clothes that were designed for human beings rather than mannequins, but this Aviator hoody has got the task down.

With its awesome neckline and loose, yet fitted style, this hoody gives off a casual, yet well-dressed vibe. With its little embroidered bombs on the sleeve, this hoody just has the edge on your average boring clothes that just do the bare minimum by giving you a little personality.

So if you're wanting a nice fitting hoody that's a little more interesting than your average cheap top, the Aviator is the product to buy.

Pick Up This Aviator Hoody Cheap!

Aviator Men's Jersey Hoodie, Blue, Medium
Aviator Men's Jersey Hoodie, Blue, Medium

This hoody is a little more pricey than the others on the list, but for the money you're getting that much more in quality and materials. If you like your clothes to feel as good as they look, then why not treat yourself with the best available online price here.


Hoody Colors Q & A!

Do You Prefer Your Clothes Bright or Rustic?

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Kr3w Hoody
Kr3w Hoody

Kr3w Original Pullover

Oh man, I'm like a broken record here! But, I'm sure you'll agree that Kr3w make some darn comfy and sweet looking hoodies, so it's all good. This one in particular rocks that similar simplistic graphic on the front, but this time with an unusual army green color that'll look awesome alongside black jeans and grey jeans alike.

Again, Kr3w have made this hoody pretty warm, so it's the perfect wrap up for festivals when it gets cold at night, or if you just fancy a quality hoody to lounge around in.

Again, this hoody has so much potential for mixing and matching with other jackets, tees and vests, but it goes particularly well with a denim jacket and some slim fit black jeans. This is obviously just one idea, but given that the color is so simple, you won't have much trouble finding some other style ideas for outfits.

It's a simple hoody for the refined badass.

Buy Awesome Hoodies and Be Awesome

Buy Awesome Hoodies and Be Awesome
Buy Awesome Hoodies and Be Awesome
Mossi Hoody
Mossi Hoody

Mossi Hoody

These Mossi Hoodies come in a number of colors, all of which have that mottled messy look to them that looks so sweet next to a quality leather belt and a sick pair of skinny jeans. This particular picture shows the burgundy, which is one of my favorites, but you can also grab them in purple, green and gray.

They're pretty basic in appearance, which is definitely one of the main attractive qualities for those of us that don't really dig the whole graphic phase clothes seem to be going through. Another tasty feature of these hoodies is how well they fit, being pretty similar to American Apparel hoodies, so you won't be walking around looking like you're wearing a size to big.

Another awesome feature of these Mossi hoodies has to be their cheap price! At just £23, anyone can afford to buy one of these. Or, even better, if like me you can't decide on color, why not just buy them all? Problem solved!

Awesome Hoodies On Tape!

Harry Potter Hoody
Harry Potter Hoody

Harry Potter Varsity Hoody

If you're a fan of the big HP, then this varsity hoody is definitely for you. With it's sweet black on red color scheme, you're definitely gonna stand out in a crowd of screaming Harry Potter fan girls, so it's worth picking one up just for this.

If you check out the reverse side of this hoodie, you'll find the Hogwarts crest emblazoned with love and looking pretty badass, so you can walk around looking nerdy and awesome at the same time.

This is definitely a hoodie option for the Scott Pilgrims among you. Cho Chang can be your Chinese high school girlfriend and you can stay warm at the same time!

DC Hoody
DC Hoody

DC Hoody

DC is one of the biggest skate companies around, so if you want to rep them and show off your skating heritage, then this is the perfect hoodie of choice for you. This one's in a deep navy color, but you'll be able to pick yours up in whatever color you like.

These hoodies follow two simple rules - simple looks and baggy fit. This makes them perfect for relaxing in and staying warm in the winter, but they'll also look sweet as an oversized top to go with your well-fitting chinos or jeans and white converse. If that sounds a little too emo for you, why not try wearing them with Levis shorts and flip flops for the ultimate surfer look.

Whatever you wear this hoody with, you're gonna look badass and you know it, so quit waiting around and pick one up today!

Pick Up This DC Hoody Cheap!

DC Men's Star Zip Hoody
DC Men's Star Zip Hoody

Looking for the best possible price on this DC hoody? Then click through here to check out the best selection of colors at the lowest prices on the net!


Like My Hoody Choices? Tell Us About Your Favorites!

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    • gypsyman27 lm profile image

      gypsyman27 lm 

      6 years ago

      I'm not all that fond of your choices, but I was looking at this for my son. He is very fond of hoodies. I'm going to pass this on to him, I know he'll feel different about this sort of thing. The lens was well done and presented well. See you around the galaxy...


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