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Cool Socks To Rock Your Day

Updated on July 26, 2017
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Melissa lives in Downtown Albuquerque. She loves sharing her local discoveries with fellow travelers and explorers.

Photo thanks to marekwo.
Photo thanks to marekwo.

I want to feel more prosperous and at ease with the world around me, and so I've been searching for ways to change my life that will aid me in that quest.

I'm looking for small, fun changes that make me feel great about me. The changes should be simple to achieve and make me smile.

I've settled on socks. Crazy, wild, fun socks. I love the way I feel when I wear a favorite pair of great socks and want to increase that feeling and make it happen every day. And that means MORE SOCKS!

Here's what I look for in a great pair of fun socks:

  • Color - the sock can be a solid color, but it better be a vibrant, great color!
  • Pattern - all kinds of crazy, wonderful patterns work for me.
  • Great fit - can't stand bunching at the toe or heel.
  • Easy to see - I want the full glory of a pattern to be visible.

I think this pair of knee highs will work brilliantly for my first purchase. I love the selection of colors and the bold swirling pattern.

How could I not feel good in this pair of socks? Every time I think of them they make me grin.

On days when I need to wear dresses or skirts and wearing socks will just make me look like a bag lady, I'll opt for solid colored tights in a great woven pattern or a multi-colored tight that works with the look.

Don't know what I'll do come summer, but I'll probably look for some crazy patterend shoes and t-shirts to lift my thoughts into the laughter zone.

Here are some more happy socks to create a fun feeling for your toes.

I love the flower pattern and the colors in the stripe and abstract patterned socks.

What's your favorite sock pattern?

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